DIY Marbled Ornaments

Get the look of those delicate and intricate glass holiday tree ornaments with this kid-friendly craft. These colorful and gorgeous homemade ornaments would be great to tie on presents, to gift to the grandparents or just to bring your tree to a new level.


Acrylic paint

Clear plastic ball ornaments with removable top


Disposable cups


1. Remove the top of the clear plastic ornament and put aside. Select 2-3 acrylic paint colors for your ornament.

2. Carefully squirt some of the first color into the ornament along one side of the ball. Give the ornament a slow turn and squirt in a little more paint. Tip and turn the ornament so the paint coats the inside of the plastic ball. Make sure to leave some areas un-coated for other colors.

3. Select your second color and give a few squirts onto the empty parts of the ornament interior and turn the ball to coat the inside. Repeat with third color if desired. If any sections of the plastic ball aren’t coated, simply turn or gently shake the ornament to get some of the paint inside to cover that space.

4. Once all the interior is coated, turn it upside down in a small disposable cup to let the excess paint drop out. You can even leave it overnight to dry.

5. Once the ornaments are dry and the excess paint drained, put the top back on and use a pretty ribbon to hang it on your tree.

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