Chicago mom sends hugs through the mail

Now that the kids are back in school, I get to do something that I haven’t gotten to do in almost seven years: Walk through Target alone.

As a DIY blogger, one of my favorite places to stop at in Target is the home décor department. Looking at the rows of patterned curtains, the array of lamps, fluffy toss pillows and textured rugs makes my heart go pitter pat. Just walking through the aisles gives me ideas for my next project (much to my husband’s chagrin).

Another one of my guilty pleasures as I stroll through Target is to make a stop at the greeting card department. As a student of Second City, the greeting card department is like combining a few of my favorite things: funny quips, color and design. I love reading through all the funny cards, and love to think of just the right person to send one to. In a world of email, texting and Facebooking, I am starting to think that I will revert back to good old fashioned greeting cards more often.

With how busy all of our lives get, a funny greeting card is like a hug in the mail when we don’t have the time to visit with our best friends. Last week was our first full week of school, so of course we were all fighting colds, and I received a card in the mail from one of my favorite gal pals. I still laugh as I walk past it propped up on my bookshelf. It made my week!

Tomorrow, I will be lucky enough to spend some time with some of my writing friends at The Sassy Moms Back-to-School Media Soiree at the Chopping Block. Seeing some of my writing friends will be a wonderful respite in what is honestly an already crazy start to the school year. We will chat and be girly, and get the wonderful break from our kids that comes around in what seems like once in a lifetime. It will be glorious.

On my last trip to Target I stocked up on funny greeting cards because, while I still make time to browse through the curtains, we all know they are going to get wrinkled, the toss pillows will be everywhere, and rugs will be covered with Legos before I can say Cartwheel. However, I know my gal pals will all appreciate the greeting cards much longer. They will serve as the respite to our hectic lives, and the hug they might have needed that week.

Have a happy school year, gals!

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