Lunchtime workout tips and tricks for working moms

Fitness seems to be the farthest thing from moms’ minds during the postpartum period. It was for me. However, these days, even though I know I did a miraculous feat and birthed two beautiful, healthy babes in less than two-and-a-half years, I’m coveting my pre-baby body. I wish there was a magic elixir to quickly bounce back, but in reality it just takes hard work my friends.

Before you tell me to wake up at 4:30 a.m. or to fit in a workout after the kids go to sleep, just know that it isn’t happening. I have a teething 8-month-old that comfort nurses and the dishes won’t do themselves; sleep seems to be a distant relative these days. My precious lunch hour seems to be the only “me” time I can summon up in my busy day for a workout. And unless you’ve made a deal with the Father Time to add more hours to the day, I assume you’re probably in the same boat.

Fitness guru Haley Shaw, owner of Amp Up Fitness has seen this issue time and time again. She’s also probably heard every excuse in the book when it comes to skipping exercise.

I spoke with Haley to get some awesome tips on how to do a full body circuit anywhere, plus more tricks to help optimize your lunchtime!

Hit the pavement

If you like to run, there are a few options where you can break out of the office for a bit. Grant Park and Jackson Park in the city and Des Plaines River Trail in Lake County all offer scenic views that fellow desk jockeys would be totally enviable of.

Stay put

Don’t like running? No problem. Haley has you covered with a great complete body circuit workout you can do anywhere, even in your office. This option requires a resistance band; Haley recommends Bec bands because they are easy to throw in your bag or keep at your desk. Watch her sweat it out here and follow along.

Pack right

If you avoid working out at lunch because you feel like you won’t have time to get ready all over again, try keeping the following items in your gym bag to help freshen up and get you back to work in no time: YUNI Instant Shower Sheets to clean off post-workout yuckiness, Hempz lotion to moisturize and Redken Dry Shampoo to absorb oil in your hair.

And remember, sweat happens (unless you glow and if you do, I sort of hate you).

Fuel your body

Negating calories is part of losing weight, but starving yourself is not part of that equation. You must properly fuel and hydrate your body for peak performance. A quick and easy post-workout protein shake can get you through the last leg of your workday.

Blend 16 ounces water or coffee with one scoop of Phormula-1 Protein Powder (My favorite flavors are CTC or Loop D Fruit) and ice, and enjoy.

“It’s perfect for both fat loss and building lean muscle strength,” Haley says.

Now you have no excuse to get your sweat on!

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