Body image and a Chicago yoga mom

All moms own yoga pants. Even if you’ve never once done a downward dog, you’ve worn them pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy or maybe just to clean the house or watch TV.

I’ve owned many pairs and brands in my day and I can expertly sayLululemon are the most flattering and comfortable pants out there.

I’ve owned the $100 pants for years and they do fit the best.

Sadly, the company has said one too many things about women’s weight and size that has turned me off more than once.

I’m left with a difficult decision. Support a company who thinks everyone should be size 0 or throw away my beloved Lulu’s and move on?

According to The Huffington Post, ” Lululemon wants women to hate their bodies” is not the message I hope to teach to my yoga students or my children. Is me wearing the brand a contradiction of my words?

The reason I do enjoy the controversial and expensive brand is that despite everything and as vain as it may seem, these are the pants the securely cover my mid section.

My belly has stretched from having babies and the spare tire from eating too much chocolate is hidden behind the comfortable pants. None of us are interested in worrying about our butt crack being exposed when we bend down to help our child or attempt to control them during a meltdown.

As long as we are on the topic, I wish I had jeans that were not so low rising. I know very few women over the age of 35 that has a flat stomach and can successfully wear low-rise jeans.

I finally secured a comfortable pair of Levi’s high-waisted jeans and my husband quickly shot down my confidence by calling them “mom jeans.”

It is hard being a lady, especially the older we get. We want to look good, but also we want to support brands that instill confidence and security in already insecure women.

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