Chicago DIY: Repurposed printers drawer

Any mom with boys know all about the lego obstacle course. You are walking to the laundry room carrying baby in one arm and a basket full of laundry in the other when, “OUCH!!” you step on a lego piece. OR you open your drawer to grab a sock and there he is, that Darth Vader Lego piece everyone was searching for hours ago. We have all been there.

Through the years I have gone through a few different Lego storage techniques. Colored cubbies to one big tub of Legos, but I never found an idea for the miniature Lego figurines that I liked. A few months ago I found a great idea on the ever so dependable Pinterest.

Here is what I needed:

1. Antique printers drawer

2. 75 1×2 gray Lego pieces (or any color of your choice)

3. Glue

4. My son’s collection of miniature Lego men

Step 1: I spent about 20 minutes on eBay searching for the perfect size printers drawer. You can find these at a local antique shop, eBay or even craigslist. I preferred eBay because I wanted a specific size and there are more options there. There are even great antique vendors on eBay who only sell printers drawers!

I spent $15 plus $3 for shipping to get my perfect Vintage Hamilton printers drawer. Be careful with those shipping prices. I had one vendor who was going to charge $18 for shipping. Luckily, the vendor I chose splits the shipping cost with the buyer.

 Well, my Hamilton printers drawer arrived and I loved it! 

Step 2: It would have been no problem to search my kids’ tub of Legos and find the necessary pieces for each cubby, but I wanted them to all match. My hubby jumped on eBay and found a 100 piece lot of 1×2 flat gray legos for only $2.

Step 3: I love this non-toxic glue. It is great when doing projects that will be used by the kids. It is a super glue (very, very strong) and dries clear. I dabbed a little glue on each piece and then placed them in their own cubby within the drawer.

Step 4: Collecting the Lego men to be placed in each cubbie


My son loves it. I installed picture wire on the back so it can be hung on the wall above the Lego display case. He has been grabbing the men he wants to play with and can easily put them back himself. He has also carried the entire shelf around with the handle when he wants to play with them all!

 A thrifty and easy repurposed vintage Hamilton printers drawer now has a new purpose.
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