Chicago mom vs. laundry: Mommy brain strikes again

Last week, I wanted to get a jump start on laundry, primarily to wash my son’s uniform for preschool. But just like a storm, the weekend approached and quickly left, leaving behind a few finished loads (and a few unfinished ones as well.) Then before you know it, it was Monday. The same exact day my son had preschool and needed his uniform. Breathing a huge sigh of relief for planning ahead and finishing the load that included his uniform, I went through the clean pile of laundry. Uh oh. It was nowhere to be found! I searched again, hoping I had somehow overlooked it. No such luck.

Then I spotted it – a mountain of laundry in the corner. No way. Where did it come from?? More importantly, could the uniform be in there? For kicks and giggles, I ransacked through the stinky pile of clothes. No uniform here. Whew! I knew I couldn’t have forgotten to wash the only set he had!

Then at the corner of my eye I see IT. THE uniform. In the smelly pile of laundry. Oh no! I had apparently washed the wrong load.

Big surprise. Mommy brain strikes again.

Before kids, I would have blamed the aforementioned situation on forgetfulness. But after two toddlers and numerous incidents similar to the one described earlier, I can attribute it to the condition called mommy brain. With our lack of sleep, the never-ending to-do lists, or the struggle to juggle a million things at once, who could blame us for forgetting a few things here or there?

One thing’s for sure – mommy brain is real and although I may feel like my brain is fried at times, it has become a part of motherhood and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Okay, now back to finishing that load of laundry. And yes, I’ll be sure to include the dirty uniform.

If I can remember.

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