Chicago families can fly like birds at iFly Indoor Skydiving

Last week, I got to go into space!

Okay, maybe not space exactly, but I did get to fly like a bird.

Like dust in the wind.

Basically, I was like the little feather at the end of “Forrest Gump.”


That was me.

I was lucky enough to visit iFly Indoor Skydiving in Naperville with my husband and a few of our friends.

Kind of like a field trip for adults only we didn’t take the school bus or pack our lunches in paper bags.

By the way, don’t eat lunch right BEFORE going to an indoor skydiving place.

I think the instructors will thank me for that piece of advice.

There are so many adjectives I could use to describe my experience but instead I will use the adjectives I would NOT use to describe my experience.

Scary, frightening, nauseating (unless you JUST ate lunch).

It was none of those things.

It was absolutely amazing.

Normally, I freak out about everything.

I get worried thinking about adding a new fabric softener to my daily repertoire.

But for some reason, the moment I walked in the door, I wasn’t scared.

I wasn’t nervous.

I wasn’t nauseated.

Because I hadn’t eaten lunch yet.


By the way, you will NOT be doing that up there ^^^^ on your first visit.

But if you decide to buy a package where they can give you lessons, you too can be a rock star.

This you need to know: Ages 3-103 can fly.

The age limit doesn’t stop at 103.

That was the age of the oldest person to go indoor skydiving.

Which is the coolest thing ever.

Spencer was our instructor and he was so adorable.

I just called a kid adorable.

I just called a man younger than me a kid.


Even us old folk can learn how to indoor skydive.

The hubs and I got a date day out of it!

iFly offers cool date night packages too and since there are tons of restaurants nearby, it would be so much fun to go indoor skydiving FIRST then go to dinner.

Because as much fun as drunk indoor skydiving sounds, I am sure it is frowned upon by the establishment.

As was bringing a paper caricature of yourself into a wind tunnel.

You get cool helmets, sumo wrestler suits and goggles.

Those are what I call perks.

Those are what they call safety gear.

Flat Kari didn’t get a helmet.

They didn’t have any small enough, I don’t understand why.

They offer birthday party packages, field trips (the coolest field trip EVER) and right now iFly Naperville is offering a Kids Club on Tuesday nights through December 18th.

The Rosemont location is offering their Kids Club on Thursday nights through the 18th of December as well.

The package includes a coaching session from an instructor, five minutes of flight time and a video of their flight.

To get the details and pricing, head over here.

Thanks to iFly I was able to check one more thing off of my bucket list!

On to finding the world’s largest ball of twine …

I was able to fly like a feather in “Forrest Gump” courtesy of the beautiful people over at iFly.

All the words and opinions are my own.

Especially the not eating before going.

Because, just, no.

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