5 favorite ice cream shops in Naperville and Bolingbrook

Summer means ice cream, and lots of it. I thought of waiting until National Ice Cream Day to write this, but that isn’t until the third Sunday in July, and you should not wait until then to check out these great places to get delicious ice cream and frozen treats in Naperville and the western suburbs of Chicago.

These places have something for everyone who screams for ice cream. Or frozen yogurt. Or gelato. Or frozen custard.

1 If you have a crowd of kids screaming for ice cream, try Colonial Café, 1101 S. Washington St., Naperville
 Other locations in Aurora, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, St. Charles and Elgin

Two words, friends: Kitchen. Sink.

The Kitchen Sink has been around since 1976 and consists of two whole bananas, two scoops of vanilla, two scoops of chocolate and two scoops of strawberry. It’s all topped off with chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple sauces, smothered in whipped cream and garnished with chopped almonds and a cherry. As an added bonus, you get a bumper sticker if you finish.

If that’s a bit too much for your crew, they have a variety of other ice cream options, including an extensive menu for creating your own sundae with items like Ghiradelli brownie bits, as well as shakes, malts and floats.

It’s also worth noting that Colonial Café is a sit down, air-conditioned restaurant, so if the heat and humidity are just too much, this is a good option.

2 If you’re feeling continental, head to Frost – A Gelato Shoppe, 50 S. Main St., Suite 138, Naperville

(Another location is open in Highland Park)

If a trip across the Atlantic isn’t in the cards this summer, you can still enjoy some fabulous gelato at Frost, which opened this spring in downtown Naperville. The gelato and sorbet is made fresh daily in the store using ingredients from Italy.

Flavors like Nutella, Crema Di Biscotti, Tiramisu and Cioccolato al Perperoncino add to the European feel, although you can find classic American flavors like Bubble Gum and Root Beer, too. It’s quite likely you’ll leave exclaiming, “Delicioso!”

3 If you love custard and know that eating a concrete is a good thing, check out Andy’s Frozen Custard, 260 S Weber Road, Bolingbrook

Frozen custard and concrete wasn’t a thing in Ohio when I grew up there, but I discovered it when I was in school in Indiana and fell in love. Frozen custard contains more butterfat and is churned very slowly so there is less air in it than ice cream, making it richer and creamier.

Trips to Andy’s are now one of our family’s favorite summer traditions. There are only two flavors of custard, chocolate and vanilla, and you can see it being made. Monthly specials are usually quite fun, and currently Strawberry Shortcake Sundae and Blueberry Concrete are featured.

4 If your family freaks out for Fro Yo and loves going crazy with toppings, surf’s up at Yogurt Beach, 3027 English Rows, Suite 115, Naperville

After you step into Yogurt Beach, you’ll think you can hear the crash of the surf and you’ll be looking for the seagulls. The beach theme is carried throughout, with surfboards doubling as tables.

Even more impressive, though, is the incredible array of both yogurt options and the huge topping bar. If you like it on your yogurt, they have it here. I love that they have a variety of fresh fruit – that balances out the gummy worms, right? And the cereals area offer fun options, too.

5 If you like to combine your treats, go to Cookie Dough Creations, 22 Chicago Ave., Naperville

I confess that I lived in Naperville for several years before I entered this store, because I knew there would be no turning back once I did so. I wouldn’t have held out for so long had I realized that there’s a lot of ice cream involved. They feature ice cream and milk shakes made with your choice of eight different kinds of cookie dough. Yum. Or you can just get a scoop of cookie dough, no ice cream.

Give these cool spots a try on a hot summer night and let us know your favorite, and what you would add to the list.

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