Best new toys for toddlers under $50

As little ones learn about cause and effect, a ton of new toys this season help learning. Little hands will have fun playing with the wonder of magnets. Check out the toys below and find more gift ideas for other ages in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.


Warm Pals by li4 group, $19.99

Each friend is weighted for extra cushion, and as a bonus, has lavender inside. They can be popped in the microwave for added warmth when your little one needs an extra hug on a cold night.


Available at: Building Blocks Toy Store


Playviator by Fat Brain, $19.99

The mechanism inside ­— non-electric — lets kids feel a “real” plane as they play. Move it up and down and the weight changes.


Available at: Becky & Me ToysBuilding Blocks Toy StoreMoore Toys & Gadgets and *play


Working Cars by People Blocks, $29.99

Magnets hep the cars and their parts attach, mix up and reattach. Fun for kids learning the magic of magnetic toys.


Available at: Becky & Me ToysBuilding Blocks Toy Store and *play


Timber Tots by Fat Brain, $49.99

This city of friends is great for youngest players as the whole set then packs into its own treehouse case (great for trips to Grandmas!). Littles can play with tables, chairs and the toys without worrying about losing — or noshing — pieces.


Available at: Becky & Me ToysBuilding Blocks Toy Store and *play


Poke-A-Dots by Melissa & Doug, $12.99

These books have bubbles to pop inside making activity cathartic again.


Available at: Building Blocks Toy Store and *play


Fruit Friends by Fat Brain, $33

Unstack the pals to find a puzzle inside each one. Some are squishy, some are magnets, some rattle and ring. Great for learning about senses.


Available at: Moore Toys & Gadgets


Pebbles by Water & Lightning, $29.99

These “stones” are odd shaped and odd sized, but stack like blocks. Toddlers can learn about resistance and gravitational forces.


Available at: Becky & Me Toys


Splurge! Air Fort,

Add a box fan and create an in-home fort for kids to play, hide, read and enjoy.

Available at: Moore Toys & Gadgets


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