Best new toys for preschoolers under $50

With constant energy, preschoolers can’t wait to play and try new things every day. The toys on our list send imagination through the roof and let them create and recreate. Check out the toys below and find more gift ideas for other ages in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Coding Critters by Learning Resources, $42.99

Kids tell the critters where to go and then learn how to move each one over and around obstacles. The critters have a whole play yard to learn in. 

Available at: Becky & Me Toys and Moore Toys & Gadgets  

Chasing Fireflies by Toy Smith, $29.99

The fireflies light up in different colors. Hide them around a house or yard and kids can collect each in their own Mason-looking jar. 

Available at: Becky & Me Toys, Building Blocks Toy Store and Moore Toys & Gadgets

Kids First Robot Engineer by Thames & Kosmos, $49.99 

Looks like an erector set, but kids can make robots that move and look different each time. Instructions help show off the different ways to make the moving parts interact. 

Available at: Building Blocks Toy Store and Moore Toys & Gadgets

Power Drivers by Flybar, $24.99 

Put the vehicle together with the drill supplied, then the drill becomes an RC controller.

Available at: *play

Uh Oh Hippo by Educational Insights, $22.99

The hippo opens his mouth to reveal a series of objects. The players have to memorize the series, what each one is and where it is, then when the hippo opens his mouth again, one is gone. Players have to identify the missing object before hippo “poops” it out. 

Available at: Becky & Me ToysMoore Toys & Gadgets and *play

Hey Clay by Fat Brain, $15.99

A free app helps youngsters use the clay to create their own animals. When the clay dries, the sculptures are ready to be played with. 

Available at: Building Blocks Toy StoreMoore Toys & Gadgets and *play

Heads Talk Tails Walk by Think Fun, $14.99

Matches are hard to come by when one half looks like one animal and the other half looks like another. In the action-filled game, kids have to act like one and talk like the other. (Have cameras at the ready.) 

Available at: Building Blocks Toy StoreMoore Toys & Gadgets and *play

Splurge! Brio Wireless Engine by Smart Tech, .99

NullThis wireless controls that “talk” to engine to help it move can be connected to and used with existing Brio sets.

Available at: Building Blocks Toy Store and *play

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