Get moving: Chicago mom shares fitness plans for 2014

It may be cliché that many begin workouts at the start at the year, but it makes perfect sense. After a month of holiday parties and cold weather, I don’t see how it is possible not to put on a few pounds.

Eating healthy is always important, but this is the time of year when we need to move. With that said, I know exercise can be hard to fit in with kids, jobs and busy schedules. Here are a few ideas to set the tone of 2014.

Walk. Yes, it’s been record breaking freezing outside, but it is amazing how much a difference it makes if you dress appropriately. Wear layers, hats and gloves and I bet you will be surprised that walking will warm you up. Our city is gorgeous in the winter; take some time to explore it. Bonus workout for walking through the snow.

Mall walking. This is a real thing. There are ladies that get to the malls before they open and walk laps in the heated building. Not the worst of ideas. You can also do that at museums.

Join a gym. This is the time and there are all sorts of offers available now. Most health clubs have kid’s rooms, which is a nice break for both of you when you are stuck indoors.

Try a new class. Whether You choose yoga, zumba, spinning or a barre class; it is fun to do something new. Some studios offer trial first-class free deals. Bring a friend so you can both encourage each other to actually go.

Do it at home. Get down on your hands knees in your bedroom or child’s playroom and start with 20 sit-ups and 10 pushups. Slowly add reps and you will notice improvement and there is no excuse for that.

 Eat less and move more is my motto for 2014. How are you going to start off the year? Continue the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.
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