A fun trick for Chicago family photography

If  you’re tired of stiff family portraits, or maybe you have a kid who HATES getting their picture taken, consider this option: holi powder.

An ancient festival of India, Holi celebrates the beginning of spring. People of all ages join each other in a friendly war with both powder and colored water.

If you have heard of the 5K color run, there is a chance you may already know about holi powder. This popular event is being held in dozens of cities for 2014 and is definitely worth experiencing.

Holi powder is vibrant, colorful, non-staining and FUN to throw! What more could you want out of a family session?

Fairly inexpensive, it can be found online at numerous retailers while coming in endless color options and weights. If you don’t have time to wait for them to be shipped from another country, take a trip to Chicago’s own “little India” on Devon Avenue. Many of the shops will sell you powder by weight. And while you are in the neighborhood you might as well stop and try some of the amazing cuisine.

***While most holi powder sold is non-toxic, it is not recommended for young children/toddlers.

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