Festive ways to make your Friendsgiving special

Two historic, nail biter events have unfolded over the last two weeks. As you know, the Chicago Cubs are the World Series champs after breaking a 108-year curse. And, whether you were on the #imwithher or #makeamericagreatagain bandwagon, the Hunger Games, errr, I mean, election coverage, is over and a new POTUS has been voted in.

If you’re like me, you’ve really not had room for much else to occupy your time. Well, now it’s time to start planning your feast. I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, but Friendsgiving.

We love our families, we really do. But, you don’t choose your family like you can with your friends. Having events like these with friends is so much more fun and less stressful than those with all of your dozens of cousins. Thinking of hosting a Friendsgiving for your best pals and their kids? Read on for some tips to make your event special and festive.

Plan ahead

Get on everyone’s calendars well in advance to ensure that all your friends can make the soiree.

Potluck pride

You roast the bird and allow your pals to bring the rest. Sides, salad, rolls (these ones have thankful messages baked right inside!) and beer or sparkling grape juice for the kiddos. Let them cover the rest of the bases and beam with pride when they get to take the credit for the second helpings. This is your opportunity to try out all those pinned recipes on your Pinterest board. We all know Aunt Janice is not fond of you straying from the traditional string bean casserole.


Keep it simple. No assigned seating. No fancy tableclothes or candles. Instead, print these completely adorable placemats, provide some crayons and let everyone go to work! Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore.

Got games?

Football is about as American as apple pie (save room for dessert!) A little friendly competition (and exercise) never hurt anyone. Time to break out the pig skin and play some flag football. And if football is not the right game to play with your family, try Turkey Tag for your littles and their friends. Get crafty and make these cute little turkeys.

Give thanks

Before you pass the peas, take time to go around the table and give pay homage to your awesome year.

Want to make a game of it? Challenge your friends to create a totally positive zone where only gracious and grateful remarks are welcome for the remainder of the day/evening. When they arrive, let your guests know that they are only to mention things they are grateful for, and if they complain about anything through the night, they will face major repercussions to be decided on by the group.

Don’t forget dessert

Create a dessert bar. Try small hand pies or cinnamon donuts served with coffee and cider for dessert. We’re all just here for the dessert anyway. Am I right?!

Do you celebrate Friendsgiving? What’s on your must-do list? Share in the comments or on Twitter @freshpickdwords.

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