It’s not fall, yet: Try this fun summer craft for Chicago families

Everyone on the Internet is really excited about fall.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!

Let’s go apple picking!!

Why aren’t the leaves on the ground??

Umm, that is because it is not FALL.

It is still SUMMER.

According to Tom Skilling, it is “meteorological fall.”

But it’s not FALL.

Tuesday, September 23rd is.

I know.

Because I googled it.

I am in denial a little.

Because I don’t want fall to start yet.

Because fall leads to winter.

And we alllllll know how crappy that is around here.

So in keeping with relishing all things summer, I am sharing a craft that my daughter and her friend created a few weekends ago.


I guess you could use this in the fall, but don’t.


So we were at the local craft store a few weeks ago and my teenager said she and her friend wanted to make a craft.


She hasn’t wanted to make a craft in years!

So deep in my heart, I was so giddy!

But I didn’t let it show because HELLO TEENAGERS.

Annie and her friend wanted to create these things called Fairy Jars that they found online.

Ever heard of them?

They are jars with REAL FAIRIES in them!


They are jars with glitter and messy gunk in them.

That should be a disclaimer at the top of this piece.

Here is all you need to create one for your summer barbeque this weekend.



– a mason jar

– glitter

– glow in the dark sticks (a.k.a. – the messy gunk)

And here are the girls making their fairy jars:

Yes, my daughter is wearing sunglasses.

Because apparently, the glow sticks, a.k.a. messy gunk, spurt glow gunk.


This is why this craft probably should have been executed outside.

Which you can still do because, hello SUMMER.

All you do is pour the glitter and the messy gunk into a mason jar.

Seal the lid and tada!

You have a “fairy jar.”

This you need to know …

It will only glow for like an hour.

That is when it will look the coolest.

So, if you want some really cool fairy jars for your next bonfire?

Make them immediately before the party.

I have to admit, they were pretty cool.

And you could add more glow sticks to the jar for each bonfire or barbeque you have because … why??


It is still summer.

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