Spring has sprung in Chicago: Bring on the itch

Fear not Chicagoans wondering when you can pack away those parkas: Spring has sprung.

Sure, you might not be able to tell with the daily forecast, but trust me … It’s here. How do I know? My five-year-old’s eczema.

For anyone whose child has eczema, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Each new season brings anxiety as I wait to see what to expect for the next few months. And from the look of my poor daughter’s skin, spring is indeed here.

The worst part of this process is that I often have no idea what causes a flare-up, or what will be an effective treatment. I have tracked foods, soaps and detergents, sleep and stress, and environment – as much as one can when you have to send your child to daycare and to a co-parent’s home.

I have read articles, searched forums, and shared ideas with friends on Facebook, from creams and ointments to vitamins.

Each bath is an exploration, looking for bumps and cringing when her skin is marred with scabs and scratches from itching.

I hesitate every time I cover problem areas with prescription creams, wondering about the long-term effects of the medications so easily prescribed.

The beginning of spring has awoken new patches of torment after an already long winter. We have a new set of bath products we are testing while I read more about the benefits of vitamin D and ways to promote good gut health.

Eczema remains an unwelcome guest. It has, however, taught our family how to be more in tune with what our bodies are telling us, which is a tool I’m glad my kids are learning now versus at my [undisclosed] age. Here’s hoping May brings a calmer stage to the season.

Do you deal with eczema or spring allergies? How do you cope?

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