New dollhouse app for Chicago kids is almost as good as the real thing

My daughter who is 4 ½ is obsessed with her dollhouse. She’ll sit with it for hours and play with the people and act out all sorts of scenarios. I have such fond memories of doing the same as a child.

Over the weekend, I was beginning to pack for our spring break trip and a surprising thing happened. Instead of getting all excited about packing her plane bag, she got all upset that she was going to have to leave her dollhouse for a week. Not being particularly sympathetic but not wanting to fight, I did a quick search online and found a dollhouse app that I thought might solve the problem. People, it’s amazing! Even though we haven’t left yet she’s been playing with it excitedly since I downloaded it on Saturday.

My PlayHome is a highly interactive digital dollhouse for the iGeneration. Kids can choose the members of their pretend family and their ethnicity to create a myriad of different modern families. Want two moms? Done. Two dads? That’s great too. Kids can move their families around the house and into different rooms. The characters can fry an egg on the stove, watch the fish in the living room, turn on a DVD (the TV actually does turn on and off which is very cool) and they can even play in the backyard.

There are also companion stores that you can purchase and the characters can seamlessly enter an ice cream store and supermarket, and bring treats, groceries and fruits back to the house to incorporate into their play. My PlayHome and companion My PlayHome Stores are great and encourage imaginative play and storytelling.

While I would never suggest that this app replace the real tangible 3D dollhouse experience, this is a great option for trips and when you’re out and about waiting with your kids at the doctor’s office or in a carpool line.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad. My PlayHome is $3.99; My PlayHome Stores are $1.99.

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