DIY Monogrammed Eggs: Chicago mom Pinterest fail

I hope I’m not the only one who gets all amped up when I have all the supplies to follow a DIY, stress to document every step, and then it pretty much ends up sucking?!? Haha!

I was following this bloggers simple instruction. Regardless of the results, the process was very simple and enjoyable, and at least now I have an idea of what might work better next time!

I started with a carton of large eggs and a set of thick stickers.

I applied the stickers the egg making sure to press all ends of the sticker down.

Somebody was pretty excited to decorate eggs for the first time!

We filled our cups with equal parts vinegar and water. The vinegar will help the dye be more vibrant.

In they go! This is where I believe I made a mistake. I think that the combination of thick stickers (that refused to bend with the surface of the egg) and simply leaving them in the dye for too long (3+ min) yielded bad results. You could tell that they curled up a bit on the edges.

We turned our egg carton over to use it as a drying rack.

Although I noticed the edges curling, I still had some hope – but most of the letters were illegible.

I tried some different letters but this was the best I ended up with:

Kind of cool (reminds me of Skittles!) but I think some flat stickers or even a vinyl sticker would work SO much better next time! Can’t wait to try it out again. For now, I have to deal with this mess:

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