Diwali Guide for Chicagoland Families

The main celebration for Diwali occurs on Oct. 24, 2022. Here are some fun ways you and your family can celebrate.

Diwali is as one of India’s biggest holidays that occurs each fall. Also known as the festival of lights, the five-day religious holiday focuses on hope and positivity. The main celebration will occur on Oct. 24 this year.

Here in Chicagoland, many families might wonder how to celebrate Diwali in 2022. We’ve rounded up the best kid-friendly ways to mark the holiday, including recipes and more activities. 


Binny’s Diwali

You’ll enjoy reading this story about a girl named Binny, who’s nervous to share her favorite holiday, Diwali, with her class. This is also a great book to learn more about Diwali with your kids.

Diwali Recipes for Kids

You can’t forget about food when celebrating Diwali! Buzzing Bubs shares a round-up of Diwali recipes that kids will love. You can enjoy something savory like Sabudana vada, a deep-fried snack, or something sweet like coconut sooji ladoos.

Diwali Crafts for Kids

When celebrating the festival of lights, many families clean up their homes and then decorate with colorful decorations. Your kids can try out one of these Diwali crafts from The Joy of Sharing to help with decorating or perhaps make a gift for a loved one.

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