Diverse Toys Your Kids Will Love to Play With

These brands have you covered with toys of all races, religions and abilities.

It is now easier than ever for kids to find toys that symbolize them and their families. Also, many parents are looking to provide a more diverse toy collection for their children at home.

From a customizable doll that looks like the child it is made for to mix-and-match families that allow for many races in one family – or two dads or two moms – options in the toy industry have expanded. Sensory toys have opened the market for kids of all abilities and doll makers have included toys in wheelchairs, with hearing aids and even holding activist signs.

We’ve rounded up our favorite diverse toys for kids and what brands to look out are when buying.

A+X Puzzles

Photo Credit: A+X Puzzles

The Black-owned company was started by a mom of twins, who creates puzzles of Black kids in everyday life. There are also Black Lives Matter puzzles of 45 pieces.

A Touch of Blu Designs

Photo Credit: A Touch of Blu Designs

The dolls are custom crocheted to match each recipient in 12 colors from porcelain to dark chocolate. The Black woman-owned company also makes lovey blankets to order.

Austin Nature Works

Photo Credit: Austin Nature Works

Developed, owned and crafted by a Black woman in Austin, Texas, Austin Nature Works toys are eco-friendly and sustainable. Toys include wooden stackers and counters for little hands as well as eco-friendly crayons and cards for kids to learn mindfulness.


Photo Credit: Biankha

Based in the UK, the line of dolls and toys has been featured on The Voice UK, BBC One Radio and more. Families can purchase a doll with a matching backpack. Shipping to Chicago will range about $7-$10.

Brown Toy Box

Photo Credit: Brown Toy Box

These culturally representative subscription boxes include STEAM products as well as projects and activities for kids ages 4-12.

Cubby Love Bears

Photo Credit: Cubby Loves Bears

Cubby Bears teach kids Spanish and English by clicking one paw or another. By learning skills for a second language early, kids are more likely to retain the language knowledge.

Cuddle + Kind

Photo Credit: Cuddle + Kind

Cuddle + Kind dolls are mostly animals, but there is one “person” offered: the mermaid. The four mermaids – named Skye, Maya, Isla and Pearl – represent different skin colors and ethnicities. And each Cuddle+Kind purchase provides 10 meals for children in need around the world through the company’s giving partners.


Photo Credit: Fat Brain Toys

The French company uses African art patterns in its Maxi Topanijungle stacking game for kids. Even better, when the coronavirus hit, the company created its own Joy Box delivery bundle for families suck inside; in it included sensory games for kids of all ages, normalizing sensory play for kids who wouldn’t typically engage.

The Fresh Dolls

Photo Credit: The Fresh of Dolls

The Fresh Dolls were developed by a Black woman and author who saw a Black girl in a toy study call other representative dolls “nasty.” The PhD from Ohio State decided to create dolls that included “authentic representations” of skin tones and body image. The Positively Perfect dolls come in varying shades and with hair that can be styled.

Harper Iman Dolls

Photo Credit: Harper Iman

The mother-daughter team behind Harper Iman have hand-crafted highly sought-after dolls that come in four skin colors. The Black woman-owned company will also customize dolls to order, including hair style, skin color and curves.

Healthy Roots Dolls

Photo Credit: Healthy Roots Dolls

Created by founder Yelitsa Jean-Charles, Healthy Roots Doll Zoe is in high demand and it’s always best to order early. Zoe has hair that can be curled and styled using real product.

Kaplan Early Learning

Photo Credit: Kaplan Early Learning

Kaplan toys for younger kids include representation of all needs and ethnicities. Check out the Friends with Special Needs figure sets for ages 18 months and older, the Our Friends puzzles feature kids of all colors and sizes and the baby dolls – from Soft Body Babies to Kaplan Kuddle Dolls – represent all children.

Little Likes Kids

Photo Credit: Little Likes Kids

Puzzles, placemats and memory games recommended for ages 6 and younger depict kids of all colors in fun, playful scenes. The company was founded by a Black mom to advocate screen-free play.

Lottie Dolls

Photo Credit: Lottie Dolls

Kids come in all shapes and sizes and these dolls made in Ireland represent all of them. From a doll with Dwarfism to a doll that comes with headphones inspired by a boy with autism to a doll with hearing aids, kids of all colors and abilities can find themselves in Lottie Dolls (there are boy dolls in the set, too!). A recent addition to the doll set is A Kid Activist doll, inspired by Mari Copeny, who is advocating for the children of Flint, Mich.

Melissa & Doug

Photo Credit: Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug’s Multicultural Family Puzzle set comes as a set of six puzzles and shows families of all kinds: blended, multi-racial, many generations and of different ethnicities. The company has also rededicated its message of play with the #takebackchildhood mission, utilizing families of all kinds in its messaging and branding.

Minikin Paper Dolls

Photo Credit: Minikin Dolls

Artist Adrienne Brown-David hand draws the paper dolls, which can be downloaded, purchased in local stores or custom made to your child.

My Family Builders

Photo Credit: My Family Builders

The company is built on the premise that no two families look alike. Some are multi-racial, others have two moms or two dads, and these wooden toys and puzzles “embrace diversity through play.”

Nia Ballerina

Photo Credit: Nia Ballerina

Nia Ballerina has her own story and kids can join in as the Black ballerina based in the UK has a line of backpacks, ballerina music boxes and dolls.

Puzzle Huddle

Photo Credit: Puzzle Huddle

Girls and boys can see themselves as chemists, doctors, vets, astronauts, pilots, artists or even riding the back of a dinosaur. Puzzles range from 15 to 100 pieces, and the company was created by a Black family with three children under the age of 6.

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