New Danielle Forte Collection brings stylish maternity wear to Chicago-area moms

As your devoted mommy style connoisseur, it is my duty to fill you in on the latest and greatest when it comes to all things fashion within Chicago and surrounding areas.

Pieces from the Danielle Forte Collection

If you’ve been looking for stylish and affordable pieces, then I’ve got you covered thanks to the Danielle Forte Collection!


The Forte family is no stranger to Chicago Parent. Danielle’s husband, Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte, and their adorable daughter Nahla graced the cover of our October issue in 2013.


Curated by Danielle, the Chicago-based collection prides itself on creating transitional pieces throughout maternity, motherhood and beyond. DFC’s trendy yet comfortable pieces are a reminder that, as mothers, we do not need to forego comfort and style to look great!


I’ve recently had the pleasure of chatting with Danielle and here’s what she had to say on …


Who the collection caters to:


“My collection caters to moms who want to be comfortable and stylish and not feel bogged down. I wanted to do something where I can still feel like myself and be able to look cute. The clothing line did that for me and I feel like hopefully it could that for other moms as well. When you look your best, you feel your best.”


How the Danielle Forte Collection is redefining motherhood in the areas of personal style:


“The clothes are actually cute. You don’t feel frumpy in them. A lot of the clothes I did find while I was pregnant and breastfeeding felt like … you were pregnant and breast feeding! This clothing line keeps up with the trends and we also keep up with the color palettes, so you’re in fashion.”


Some of the best-selling pieces from the collection and personal favorites:


“The best-selling are probably the leggings with the knee pads and the zipper motto cardigan. My favorites are probably the cardigan, the leggings and the fringed skirt. All the pieces in the line are extremely soft and comfortable.”


What we can expect for Spring/Summer 2015:


“We have the line up right now on and we’ll be carrying it on our social media outlets because we just launched it, so that people have a chance to get it. We’re going to re-launch the same line with spring colors and we’ve added a few more designs to it. A lot of comfortable pieces, not only transitional for moms, but transitional in fashion and seasons.”


The possibility of expanding the Danielle Forte Collection to include children’s wear:


“We actually have been talking about that. We wanted to start with one piece, so those will be coming sooner than later, they will be added to the website this year. My husband loves to do baby slogans, so we wanted to put them on onesies because they’re so much fun and then later on expand to do more baby clothes.”


On the future of the Danielle Forte Collection:


“I’ve always loved boutiques. I’d love to be in as many, if not all [boutiques] in Chicago and be able to have the collection in multiple states. I just want to see DFC on moms all over the world!”


Shop the entire collection on www.daniellefortecollection.


As for brick and mortar locations, DFC will be available this spring at the stores listed below:


Bryson Milan & DLux

1409 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60622


Bellē Up

1915 W. 103rd St., Chicago, IL 60643


Penny & Izzys

37 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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