5 North Shore cleaning services to make your home sparkle

My grandmother Lillian was a compulsive cleaner. I mean, this lady was obsessed. At 75 years old, she’d be on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen linoleum with a toothbrush and soapy water. (Not kidding.)

I think of my grandma Lil often. She died in 2001. She comes to mind when I’m reading to my son or when we’re baking cookies. I think of her the most, though, while standing in the bathroom with Clorox wipes and a bottle of Windex, wondering why she loved to clean.

Thing is, I like cleaning too! At least, I don’t hate it, and the reward of a fresh home is well worth the effort. But that child I mentioned earlier? He’s not super into helping. So I find pockets of time here and there––“He’s playing in his room! Clean the stove! No seriously, let’s clean the stove.”––but this typically doesn’t result in the caliber of clean that would have made my grandma Lil proud.

Then one day about six months ago, I called a cleaning service, something I considered purely a luxury, the kind of thing that normal, everyday people didn’t really use. But I wanted to just … see.

I made an appointment for a free consultation. On the day of my first cleaning, I came home from work, unlocked the front door and felt enormous relief. The house sparkled. Everything felt fresh, from the hardwood floors to the inside of the microwave, previously splattered with some kind of dried-up red sauce. It was like a gentle wind had billowed through and taken all the grease, grime, dirt and dust with it. I haven’t picked up a bottle of Windex since, and I no longer spend my weekends with a mop.

Converted? Here are a few home cleaning companies that service the North Shore. Though prices vary based on the size of your home, many services offer one-hour sessions for less than $100. If that’s not enough time to clean the whole house, you can specify which areas you’d like prioritized (bathrooms and kitchen for me). You’ll also set up a cleaning schedule based on your preference, whether it’s once a week or every few months.

The team brings their own supplies, but if there’s a special product you prefer, simply supply it and let them know. Many services also offer the option of a “green clean,” using only environmentally friendly products.

May my grandma Lil be with you.

Molly Maid


Squeaky clean fact: Check out Molly Maid’s blog for “Why didn’t I think of that?!” cleaning hacks.

Kulas Maids


Squeaky clean fact: Kulas Maids has been family owned and operated since 1983.

The Maids


Squeaky clean fact: Every team member is trained in a proprietary 22-step home cleaning system.

Merry Maids


Squeaky clean fact: Need a weekend appointment? Merry Maids can do it.

D & M Cleaning Service


Squeaky clean fact: D & M also specializes in commercial cleaning (if you’re feeling inspired to hose down that cubicle).

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