4 must visit chocolate shops in Lake County

It’s that time of year again!

The time of year that your dentist secretly loves but tells you he/she hates to your face!

The time of year where Hallmark FINALLY has some business!

The time of year that ALL OF THE PEOPLE go out to dinner in search of a “romantic” dinner, then ALL OF THE PEOPLE complain about it on Facebook the next day!

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day!

I personally am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.

I mean, I love the idea behind it.

I love flowers.

And candy.

And pink and red are cool colors.

OK, maybe I do like Valentine’s Day but I really don’t like anything or anyone by the middle of February so really nothing stands a chance.

But if you have no issues with February, then I have a huge hookup for you in the only department we know you really care about this Valentine’s Day – chocolate.

I do love me some flowers but chocolate gets the job done, if ya know what I mean.

Chocolate doesn’t die a week later and leave petals all over the floor.

Chocolate doesn’t give you a major hangover the next day, unless you are really overdoing the chocolate and to that I say good for you!

Chocolate doesn’t cut into your hips with its elastic and all its weird straps that cost 50 bucks at the local lingerie shop.

Chocolate is your friend.

If you are looking for chocolate for your lov-ah …

… then do I have the hook up for you.

By the way, apparently chocolate covered strawberries is the “it” gift for Valentine’s Day.

I had no idea. I mean, I am well aware that these treats exist but in the house I grew up in, my mom would make these in the summer.

You know, when strawberries are in season.

The first two shops guarantee they will have chocolate covered strawberries for your lov-ah’s on Feb. 14.

Or just come to my house in June.

Uniquely Sweet in Grayslake is owned by the creative geniuses behind Something’s Brewing. They offer everything from gift baskets to individual handmade candies and chocolate. When you walk in the first thing you will notice is the smell of butter and chocolate. And you’ll see the people making the chocolate right in front of you. They are located at 888 E Belvidere Rd. (Rte. 120) at unit 106. The entrance is on Atkinson Road right across from Rock Chevrolet but the actual candy shop faces 120. Trust me, I found out the hard way and I don’t want you to miss out on all the candy, lov-ah.

Something Sweet in Antioch has my little heart. Because it is the cutest little shop and it reminds me of a great candy shop in central Illinois that I used to take my girls to. They specialize in (what else?) chocolate and candy, but fudge is their thang. Amazing fudge. Fudge that I remember tasting years ago and always saying, “That place in Antioch with the fudge” whenever referring to this little shop. Even the phone number is 877- OH FUDGE. Gotta love that marketing. Something Sweet is located at 891 Main Street in downtown Antioch.

The Nut and Candy House in Wauconda is not for amateurs. Nope, hardcore candy and nut lovers need only apply. They offer bulk per pound chocolate offerings that I think will make your lov-ah very happy, especially if said lov-ah loves chocolate and nuts. Stop by and get a bag or two or three today. They are located at 581 West Bonner Road.

Long Grove Confectionery in Long Grove is a favorite year round, but for Valentine’s Day, the real deal is the aforementioned strawberry. It’s kind of what the confectionery is known for. If you want a strawberry covered in chocolate and you can’t wait until June at my house, go here. You can buy them in store on Feb. 13 and 14 or pre-order if you want to make sure your lov-ah gets a strawberry. Call 847-459-0269. Your pre-order must be placed by Feb. 12. I take orders all year long. Just saying. You can go to the store located on 220 Robert Parker Coffin Road in historic Long Grove (a local treasure that you must visit). You can also head to the factory store located at 333 Lexington Dr. in Buffalo Grove but give them a call at the same number above to see what the hours are, etc. They even offer factory tours! Maybe take your lov-ah on one!

Have fun chocolate shopping and don’t worry if you don’t get a strawberry.

I’ll have some waiting in four months.


Geez … pass the chocolate.

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