Chicago mom says goodbye to winter and hello to more free time

I’m about to pack up the winter coats, boots and other various winter necessities.

Besides the obvious thoughts that we’re all thinking … Am I crazy to do this? Can it actually snow in June? Wow, that winter was rough, right?!? I’m also thinking one big thing … I am about to gain a lot more time in my week. HOURS of my life that were dedicated to winter will be won back.

Getting three kids under five ready to get out of the house in the winter is a 20 minute ordeal, minimum. As soon as I get someone’s boots on, the others has run away with their jacket. I get back and the boots are off again. Then I have to dig through the basket of mittens to find two that actually match while holding the kids in place long enough to wrestle them into the coats.

After swimming class, I have to dry hair. At preschool I have to change shoes. I pick up the kids and shake their boots to try to get the snow off before getting in the car. We stomp on the front porch before walking in the house. We get in the house and I take off the layers, pick up the stray winter pieces and dry up the melted snow.

And now? Simply putting on sandals and walking out the door is a treat. Leaving the pool with wet hair feels extravagant. Getting in and out of the preschool quickly makes me giddy.

So, what to do with all these extra hours in our life?

I learned quickly … Chasing my kids down to get them back in the house. I’m scrubbing hands and bathing every day because every pile of dirt and opportunity to dig for bugs is like a magnet. But, considering the alternative, I’ll take it.

What are you most looking forward to gaining now that warm weather has finally arrived?

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