Chicago mom, graduation and 8 movies that will make you ugly cry

This Thursday, my oldest daughter “graduates” 8th grade.

I say “graduate” because where I come from, we didn’t celebrate the transition from 8th grade to 9th grade.

At age 14, I never wore a cap or gown or got a “diploma.”

Because, and correct me if I am wrong, YOU STILL HAVE FOUR YEARS OF SCHOOL LEFT.

I didn’t have a party or get a present.

Oh wait, yes I did.

My period.

I got my period around the time I would have “graduated” 8th grade.

Sending me off to high school with a bang.

Or a cramp.

Tish tosh.

So we have a graduation coming up this week.

We have known about it for years.

Seen other children of neighbors, acquaintances and friends go through it.

It’s a milestone here in our school district.

To be celebrated, sitting in the audience of a local college watching our children walk up to a stage and get a piece of paper that says they are no longer in the middle transition of their schooling.

They are officially in high school.


Four years from walking on an even bigger stage, getting yet again another piece of paper.

A paper I am not even remotely ready to think about as of yet.

Maybe it is good that we have this 8th grade “graduation.”

Maybe it is a nice little starting spot for sappy parents like myself.

Like a cushion to the big blow that I will undoubtedly feel in four years.

You think THIS is bad, wait until high school graduation.

Heh heh.

It has been a running joke that I will cry the “ugly cry” at said 8th grade graduation.

It started years ago with ribbing by my loving husband.

Then it went beyond our four walls to those outside of our home.

How I will be a wreck, sobbing, trying to keep it together, all the while snot and slobber running down my face.

For those not familiar with the “ugly cry,” let me give you a visual.



Only on Thursday I will be wearing a dress and lipstick.

But you get the picture.

So as not to embarrass my 8th grader in front of the entire section around me and of course HER, I have devised a plan.

I will get all the CRIES out of me by Thursday.

I have been running a marathon this week before the graduation of Ugly Cry Movies.

Not the ones that just get you choked up.

No, no, no.

The ones that make you slobber, snort, sob so hard your chest heaves and you feel like you need to empty your bowels just to make room to cry some more.



So in honor of Anna and her 8th grade graduation, here is a list of my top eight movies that make me cry uggggggly.

AND I will give you the scene that does me in.

So that if you want a good messy cry, you can just fast forward to this.

You are welcome.

1- “The Color Purple” – When Celie meets her long lost sister. Oh, sweet bread and butter. By the way, this movie is my all time favorite movie. Ever.

2- “Fried Green Tomatoes” – There are A LOT of moments. My sob worthy one is at the end at the cemetery. That and because Jessica Tandy reminds me so much of my sweet Gramma in Heaven. I just got tears in my eyes writing this. WATCH THIS MOVIE.

3- “Up” – Carl and Ellie forever. The montage makes me sob. The end credits make me cry too.

4- “Toy Story 2″ – When the little girl grows up and Sarah McLachlan sings. Baby in a buggy, I cry every blessed time.

5- “Steel Magnolias” … sometimes. I sobbed like a baby girl in the movie theater in November of 1989 but it doesn’t work its magic as much the older I get. I still cry. Maybe more like this:

Than this:

6- “The Help” – That sweet little girl that Aibilene raises. Her telling her “you is smart, you is kind, you is important.” EVERY FLIPPIN TIME.

7- “Bridges of Madison County” – at the end. THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER.

8- “Imitation of Life” – when Annie dies and her daughter realizes how badly she treated her. OMG. CRY.

Need a good cry?

Watch any of these.

And think of me on Thursday, would ya?

Pass the tissues …

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