Why Chicago is the best place to be a parent

I am a Chicago parent. My parents are Chicago parents and my parents’ parents were Chicago parents. In summary, I’m glad to be here.

As far as I’m concerned, Chicago is the ideal place to be a parent. I fully admit to being biased but I love where I live and am thrilled for my children to grow up in what I believe is the best city.

Here are some reasons why Chicago is the finest place to raise your children.


 Kids need seasons. Can you imagine wearing bathing suits and applying sunblock all year long? 

I have fond memories of apple picking amongst the leaves in the fall, making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate in the winter, Cubs games in the spring and playing outside for hours in the summer. Seasons keep our lives interesting.


Not all Chicago is the same; there is a wide variety of people that live in the city. Our kids love to explore Chinatown or an Indian buffet on Devon. It is nice to be around people who are different.

The Lakefront

I’m not sure if any other city has a lake steps from the city as we do. The beach stretches miles and miles and each spot is more peaceful and serene than the next. Whether it is the dog beach, a bike ride or a boat tour, Lake Michigan is always a treat.

The People

The folks in the Midwest move a little slower and say please and thank you. Chicagoans actually look you in the eye when they talk to you. I have met countless interesting and kind individuals in our city.


Right in the middle of the country there is no place in the Unites States that is over a three hour plane ride and car trips to scenic Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan are a short drive away.



Theater, museums, music, gardens, art, tours and more. There is always something to do in Chicago for all ages and interests.

 I'm glad to be a Chicago Parent, are you? 
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