Chessie’s is the perfect girl’s day out

When I was little, I fondly remember my mom and grandma taking me shopping and out to lunch to a sit-down restaurant afterwards.

Just the girls.

Often they would go when I was in school, but sometimes I would get to go along, and I loved getting to do that.

Now that I live far away from my mom, and my sweet grandma has been gone for over eight years now, those girl’s days out mean ever so much more to me.

But every time I would go to a sit-down restaurant, without fail, I would always order a hamburger and french fries.

A few months ago, my friend Shannon asked if I would like to meet her at Chessie’s in Barrington for lunch on a Tuesday, as it was $5 burger day.

You don’t need to woo me with $5 burgers; I would pay much more to eat lunch with my dear friends, but I secretly couldn’t wait to go because Chessie’s was a place that I remember going once with my mom when she lived here years ago.

So, of course, I said yes and maybe even threw in an, “OMG I AM SO THERE.”


As we sat in the refurbished train car while eating our delicious burgers with linen tablecloths and talking, it felt like back in the day when ladies used to lunch.

I wanted to hug the cute little ladies surrounding us, also eating their $5 burgers, french fries and coleslaw in paper cups, while daintily sipping Cokes and Sprites.

I could just imagine them stopping in to Chessie’s on the way home from shopping with their daughters and granddaughters.

Did they have their shopping bags under the table? I might have even peeked under the tables as we were leaving.

I was a little emotional. I wanted to call my mommy. Then call my grandma.

I sent my mom a picture of the train car after I got home, and she immediately sent me a text stating something to the effect of, “Oh yes, your grandma and I used to eat there.”

Gulp. Honestly, it was some of the best burger and fries I have had to date.

Oh yes, the memories, company and conversation surely helped, but I am sure that you too will love the experience.

Bring your daughter with you, and maybe do a little shopping afterwards.

But if you happen to see a highly emotional short-haired blonde woman giving everyone a hug in the train car? Just go with it.

Chessie’s is located in Barrington at 200 Applebee St. inside of the Ice House Mall.

They offer a wide variety of fun, nightly specials, which is why I love this place. Make sure you check out their website for the special, and when you can get a good fish fry or chimichanga, before heading over. Or give them a call at 847-382-5020.

And don’t miss $5-burger Tuesdays or live-music Fridays.

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