Frankfort’s Buzzes & Beehives takes the sting out of first haircuts

“Mommy, can I get my hair cut?”

These are the words my 4-year-old daughter spoke a few weeks ago, and without hesitation, I yelled out, “Boys, get your shoes!”

Like most 4-year-olds, my daughter likes to change her mind, and I wanted to seize the moment while I had the chance. My daughter’s curly locks had gotten a bit unmanageable in the heat and humidity. I was sick of the constant tugging and pulling that came with her daily hair maintenance. It was time.

However, as she is a little girl, not only was there a lot going on on top of that head of hers, but there was also a lot going on in that head of hers.

She doesn’t mind the actual act of getting her hair cut as much as she does waiting for it to grow again.

She was worried if she would like it, and kept asking me if she got her hair cut today, would she still have a haircut tomorrow.

She also likes to brush and wash her own hair, and the longer it was getting, the more she was having to rely on others to help her with these tasks that she was wanting so desperately to do on her own, like a big girl would.

You see, 4-year-olds (especially mine) are not patient. They change their minds. They are independent.

Which is why, when it is time for her to get her hair trimmed, we go to Buzzes and Beehives in Frankfort. This is a designated children’s salon where kids who might be a little shy, or a little nervous or a little wiggly, are given the royal treatment. The stylists are friendly, professional and best of all, trained to work specifically with kids.

After chatting a bit with my daughter’s stylist, I found out that the all of the stylists at Buzzes and Beehives are specially trained to accommodate kids with special needs. The staff is willing to go the extra mile to help kids and parents alike have a calm and pleasurable experience.

Not only that, this salon offers all kinds of fun amenities for kids of all ages. From fun chairs and movies to video games and toys. Buzzes and Beehives even throws parties!

I know my little one felt like a princess when her stylist asked her if she would like a special braid in her hair, some sparkle and some spray that made her head smell like strawberries.

For more information about Buzzes and Beehives, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

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