Brass is back in a big way in Chicago home decorating

I couldn’t be happier that brass is making a comeback. It is a classic, timeless staple for any home. Now, you might be thinking, “No way!” or “It looks like the cheap fixtures you find at the hardware store.”

No, No, No. It is coming back in full force and I hope it stays for awhile.

Now, what makes brass the new “it” metal for your home?

Lets begin by agreeing that we have all seen a little too much shiny chrome or brushed nickel.

Lets put them aside for awhile and enjoy the beauty that is brass.

As Martha Stewart recently said, “I jokingly call it the poor man’s gold.”

Brass is relatively inexpensive compared to other metals and I believe that is why it got a bad rap during the glory days of the nineties. People thought it had to cost more to be beautiful.

Luckily, our mentally is changing.

With that said, lets also change how we see brass. Don’t think of the pieces you remember in your house during the seventies and eighties. Erase any misconceptions and start fresh. Whether it is shiny brass or brass that has been left unfinished to realm in it’s glory, try a little in your home.

To motivate you. Here are some great brass finds to get you started.

1. Jonathon Adler Brass Chandelier // $894

 2. Brass Sputnik Chandelier // $1840 3. Robert Abby Antique Brass Table Lamp // $212 4. Nate Berkus Table Lamp For Target // $25 

5. Robinson Vintage Brass Sconce // $238

Now, if you are not ready to take the plunge into brass chandeliers or lamps fixtures, you can start small.

1. Turtle Shell Tray in Brass // $78

2. Nate Berkus Vases For Target // $25

3. Hammered Brass Vase Antique Base Jamali Garden dot com // $45

 4. Antique Brass Trays Futagami // $54 

5. Vintage Brass Tray Joss & Main // $56

You can even go smaller with some book ends or table top accessories.

1. Noir Brass Peace Sign // $125

 2. Lazy Susan Hammered Brass Bowl // $120 3. Brass Pineapple Bookends // $90 4. Table Compass and Clock // $22 

5. OKL Vintage Brass Bookends // $175

Okay, if you’re thinking, “Now, I am ready to live big,” then go for the larger items: furniture!!! Love love love me some brass furniture. My mom has an amazing brass/glass top vintage coffee table that I crave. Here are others I love too.

1. Clairmont Coffee Table // $699

 2. West Elm Martini Side Table // $119 3. West Elm Terrace Side Table // $199 

4. Henzler Mirrored Coffee Table // $520

So there you have it. Brass is back and it’s GOR-GE-OUS!!! If you are bold then stay tuned for bringing brass back to your sink faucets and more.

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