Chicago mom: Why I love a good snow day in Chicago

Snow days were always so much fun when I was little.

I remember the glee that would come with a massive snowstorm when I lived in rural Ohio as a child.

Not having to worry about driving in it or getting to the grocery store to stock up.

Just enjoying the extra day of no school with a possibility of playing in the beautiful newly fallen snow.

Snow days were special.

After you have children, snow days mean something entirely different.

Depending on what stage of life you are in, snow days can mean scrambling to find a sitter or running to the grocery store at 11:30 at night to prepare for the next day’s feeding frenzy.

Wait, does that only happen at my house?

And occasionally, like when a snow day had accompanied a long weekend stuck inside, you would hear a small grumble coming from my chest.

That is until I learned to appreciate a good old-fashioned snow day.

Or what I now refer to as a “Bonus Day.”

Because I never want my children to hear a grumble come from either my husband or myself in response to getting an extra day with them.

Recently we had two extra days given to us because of subzero temperatures that were thrown at us by Mother Nature.

Or “Mutha Nature.”

Her new nickname.

Because this winter is KICKING MY BUTT, ALREADY.

Things to be Grateful for on a Bonus Day

– That I have an extra unscheduled day with my kids.

With my 5-year-old, it is an extra day to stay in jammies until noon, read books on the dining room table (yes, I said ON) and make brownies at 3 in the afternoon.

For my 13-year-old, it is an extra day to have one more sleepover with a friend, to do hair and makeup for a tired mommy who never does it for herself (never turn down a makeover from a willing teenage girl) or one more day to make spicy popcorn for lunch before getting braces. Sad face.

– That I don’t need to worry about scheduling the sitter, day care or re-work my own work schedule. I just show up to our bonus day without stress and for that I am grateful.

– That snow ice cream is a “thing.”

– When my kids say “I don’t ever want to go back to school, Mom. I just want to stay right here. Forever.” Even the teenager. Because that means they are loved, warm, happy and content.

– That snow days usually happen after Christmas. So there are new toys to play with, new books to read and new clothes to try on and have a fashion show.

– That we have heat, water and food in the fridge and pantry.

But all good things must come to an end.

Especially when your 5-year-old comes down in the morning and says “Can we have brownies for breakfast??”


Time to go back to school …

I hope you get a bonus day with your kids this winter.

And get to eat snow ice cream.

Because that is some good stuff.

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