Five uses for beer that do not involve getting tipsy

Summer has arrived. A time for barbecues and an ice cold beer. But did you know there are many more uses for beer than just enjoying a cold one after mowing the lawn? I came across some great tips on what to do with beer!!

1 Banish brown spots on the lawn: That’s right, pour less than half a cup on the problem areas and abra-ka-dabra. The fermented sugars kill any fungus and feed the grass, allowing it to come back green. (Jess Lebow, author of The Beer Devotional).

2 Cast iron clean-up time: Pour a little beer into the still warm pan. It will keep the mess from sticking and even season the pan. Ooh, la la.

3 Loosen rusty bolts and screws: Pour a few gulps of beer on the stuck hardware, wait a few seconds, then give it a turn. Carbonation helps break down the rust. WHO KNEW?!

4 Prevent garden pests: And by pests I mean bugs, not your kids. Fill small jars with beer and place them in the garden. Insects are attracted to the sugars; they’ll slip in for a sip and never come out! Keep those wasps and bees away at parties. You can also place a bowl several feet away from the main area and bugs will buzz away from guests.

5 Make jewelry sparkle: Use a light ale and a clean towel to polish gold jewelry and remove dirt. You can also try this on tarnished copper pots.

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