Beach Candle

If you had a great time on the family beach vacation, make this candle as a souvenir of your trip.


Take a walk together on the beach and collect some interestingshells to decorate your candle. Purchase a plain white pillarcandle (a 3 x 6-inch size works well). Using a paint brush orQ-tip, apply white craft glue all over the candle. Spread some sandout on a newspaper and roll the candle back and forth in the sanduntil the candle is covered. Allow the candle to dry overnight sothe sand forms a hard crust. Glue shells to the candle to completethe beach effect.


  • Pillar candle
  • Craft glue (Note: you may want to use a more durable glue toattach the shells to the candle)
  • Paint brush or Q-tip
  • Sand
  • Shells
  • Newspaper
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