DIY home portrait session for Chicago kids

Ever wonder where these homes are that look so perfect in the background of pictures? I’m sure they are out there, but why not create the illusion of one for less than a hundred bucks?

We were able to get some nice portraits of our daughter with a little creativity and trips to the fabric and hardware stores.

We have carpeting in our living room and that doesn’t make for the best portraits. You also need a nice backdrop to make the pictures look professional.

All we did was buy a few sheets of fabric, which come four feet wide, and we had them cut at five feet long. Since she is a baby, we were able to drape them off of our dining room table, to create the “wall.”

Home Depot had a sale on hardwood flooring, so we bought one case, and had them cut a piece of wood trim, at four feet long. You will also need two pieces of plywood, or solid wood, for a base to put under the hardwood so that the flooring stays together and doesn’t bend with weight on it.

I quickly put together the “set” and was able to capture some really good photos of our daughter.

It was really easy and we spent less than a hundred dollars. Photo sessions are pretty expensive around here, so a hundred dollars isn’t that bad. Especially since I know I will get quite a bit of use out of it. We posted a photo to Facebook and a few friends messaged us asking where we get our photos taken. So, I think we are going to take other families’ portraits as well.

The “set” is well worth the investment and the different combinations you can create are endless.

Simply change the fabric sheet background and you have a totally different feel to your photo.

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