Chicago mommy arsenal: Top 10 things you can’t live without

So, I started a little ‘project’ on my Facebook page, gathering ideas for this piece. Thinking about items I, or my friends, would want to feel good about ourselves and make life a tad bit easier. Let’s start the conversation and add to it to help each other out in this big game of surviving Mommydom.

Sleep & coffee – Technically these are two, but they pair together so beautifully. I didn’t get into coffee until my 30th birthday. Once I discovered that you didn’t have to parent with one eye open, coffee became my best friend when sleep wasn’t.

Purse accouterments – Any mother who doesn’t have crumbs or ‘shmutz’ on the bottom of her purse has either just purchased it or is lying. A granola bar, bag of pretzels, tissues, a juice box, wipes – a mom should always be prepared for a hungry child, a runny nose, dirty hands or a skipped breakfast. Period.

Concealer or mascara – No matter how many hours of sleep I’ve had, the years have taken its toll on my under eyes. I can wake up, look in the mirror and see the years on my face or dab on a little mom-friendly age defyer and a whip of mascara, and watch my face instantly ‘wake up.’ It’s not necessary for a whole makeover at 6 a.m., but a pick-me up always makes me happy.

Good underwear – Bunched up, ripped or granny panties. It’s time to go shopping if that’s all that’s filling your drawers. I’m not saying sexy thong, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Good underwear starts a morning right and ends a day well. ‘Nuff said.

Spanx – Yes, I’m expounding on good underwear. You have that morning where you get up in your old, ripped, oversized tee and take one look at your butt only decide it has grown exponentially since the night before. Or, maybe that’s just me. But, squeeze into those Spanx for that night out with hubby and you’ll feel like you did way back when your butt didn’t need help to look like that.

Babysitter list – It happens inevitably. Your sitter cancels, your mom can’t do it and your neighbor is busy. So, you’d better be prepped with that long list of go-to’s. Prepared moms have it ready to go and updated frequently. Ask around on Facebook if you must, but get that list and keep it handy.

A happy-dance song – We’ve all have crappy days where we’d like to lock ourselves up in a room and throw away the key. Vomit, tantrums, fight with hubby. This is where that go to happy dance song will come in and shake those blues away. The Pharrell song ‘Happy’ is my new jam. What’s yours?

Rita Haazan spray – Have you seen this stuff? I do not get any money for saying this, but seriously, it’s my new best friend. If you’re starting to ‘go’ in between root touchups and you have that ‘thing’ to go to, spritz this baby on and voila! You’re good to go. It should be in any mom arsenal for sure.

Extra keys – Who hasn’t locked themselves out only to realize there is no key in sight. I’ve done this. More than once. So now, my neighbor, my friend, my husband and even a hidden location has a copy of my key. Of course, since I’ve done this I haven’t once locked myself out, but I guess that’s what the insurance policy gets you.

A friend to call at 3 a.m. – Everyone needs that go-to gal who no matter what and no matter why you can call her at 3 in the morning and she won’t care. I’ve called in this favor more than once and it’s been a lifesaver. No good mom should be without her Designated Damsel.

Okay. So there you’ve got it, the beginnings of a great Mommy Arsenal. What do you want to add to this list??

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