Chicago mom-approved must-haves

Have you ever purchased a product or invested in a service only to be disappointed in the end. I have.

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for something only to find out that you could have spared yourself the time and money.

This week, I’m sharing three of my “mom-approved” must-haves in the areas of beauty, social apps and kid friendly technology.

Read on.


LVX Nail Polish (

While pregnant, my doctor kindly suggested I take a break from my weekly manicures and pedicures to avoid exposing myself to the toxic fumes often found in nail salons. Disappointed, I resorted to buffing my naked nails with hopes of giving them a little natural shine. Had I done a bit more research I would have discovered that there are toxin free polishes available which allow you to maintain your manis and pedis while preggo! Although no longer pregnant, I still find myself making better choices when it comes to purchasing certain products; which leads me to LVX.

Made in the USA and based out of Chicago, this vegan (cruelty-free) polish is the answer to all your nail needs. It is free of the five toxic chemicals commonly found in polish and it’s gel like formula makes it chip resistant. I’ve been using it for some time now and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.


PlumWise (

There’s something to be said about a trusted source. Someone whose opinion can be valued is a characteristic we can all appreciate as parents.

If you’ve ever been in need of a service or product but were unsure of where to find it, rest assured, PlumWise has got you covered.

Created by two moms, Plumwise is a selective community which will connect you to providers who have been recommended by members of the site. Contrary to similar sites, you will not find endless reviews, ratings or vendor influence. Categories range from health, fitness, children and beauty just to name a few. The fun part is you can search by service and narrow it down to neighborhood. I was able to find some pretty great recommendations! If you value quality and honest reviews this may just be the site for you.

Kid Friendly Technology

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (for kids)

We all know that most kids are extremely fascinated by technology. My daughter knows how to work my iPad better than I can. As fascinated as I am by her ability to swipe her tiny index finger from left to right, I felt that the time had come for her to get her own “kid friendly” tablet. The decision was based on two factors. The first one being that I needed my iPad and secondly, I got tired of apologizing for sending out emails that read ” jkljkljkljljlkjjlk!”

We opted for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for a number of reasons. For one, the size was perfect for her little hands; the one we purchased came with a protective rubber cover which not only gives her a better grip but also protects the tablet.

What I like most about the Samsung are the features. The parental control is a personal favorite, you can create a password to disable purchases, set time limits as well as monitor content.

The specialized user interface (or home screen) is extremely easy to use. Swipe and touch. There are also tons of interactive, educational games and books that can be downloaded for free in the kids store via Google Play.

As your child gets older and no longer wants to play Toy Story Smash It, no need to go buy a new tablet. The Samsung converts to the Galaxy Tab 7 mode making it user friendly for kids of all ages. That includes you.

Do you have any suggestions on mom or dad approved must-have products? If so, share them below.

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