A dining experience to save your dinner slump

With spring comes a whirlwind of activity in our house. Even though the weather isn’t exactly cooperating, we are back into soccer. We are trying new things such as ice skating. My little one is getting ready for her ballet recital with some additional rehearsal. I won’t bore you with the other volunteer commitments and things on our schedule, not to mention the rough winter of illness.

Let’s just say, it was time for a night out.

You see, my dinner prep has been half-assed at best. The kids are getting sick of the same old repertoire. It was time for a good, old fashioned family fun night out.

When I told the kids we were heading out for dinner, they were not all that impressed. To them this means sitting still for an hour and being on their best behavior with nothing for them to do except to bring a book.

I had a trick up my sleeve for these hardworking little ones.

We are lucky enough to live nearby the All Aboard Family Dining and Amusement in south suburban Frankfort. As soon as we walked up my oldest exclaimed, “Wait, this is a place just for kids?! This is going to be AWESOME!”

All Aboard Family Dining and Amusement is a restaurant with a great menu for both parents and kids. My boys loved their cheeseburgers so much they were finished on the spot, and my little girl loved her extra cheesy grilled cheese so much that she asked when we were going back for another. The adult menu is great and reasonably priced, filled with salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches and pastas.

Also, there is plenty to keep the antsy ones amused while they wait for their delicious meal to be delivered by train. There’s a playroom with toys and chalk boards, a running scale model train set to observe and plenty of age appropriate arcade games.

Can you see why we had a blast?

While we played arcade games for a little while, we also took part in some ice cream. The flavor selection will bring you back to your own childhood. One word: superman.

All Aboard Family Dining and Amusement in Frankfort saved our busy week.

For more information about anniversary events and specials please visit All Aboard Family Dining and Amusement on Facebook.

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