5 holiday drinks for kids to toast the season

Pies, candies and cookies are quintessential to the holiday season, but in my humble opinion, there’s something about holiday drinks that fills a void no dessert can. I mean, think about it: edible treats are something you devour in the moment (and then maybe kind of regret). Sure, they’re good—sometimes ridiculously good. But be honest: are you really savoring the moment you inhale them? 

That’s where holiday drinks come in (and we don’t mean the adult kind, although, that’s obvi worthy of a blog post all its own). Frothy and delicious, seasonal beverages are meant to be enjoyed s-l-o-w-l-y. Like, you know, over a book, a board game or a marathon holiday movie sesh. They aren’t meant to fill you up quickly, make you feel gross and lead you to say, “I probably shouldn’t have done that.” They’re simply your companions for 20 beautiful minutes, give or take, bestowing upon you all the wonderful tastiness of the holidays. 

Ready to toast the season with your little ones? Here are five of my favorite holiday drinks for kids, approved even by that picky meticulous 8-year-old of mine. Clink, clink! 

Warm Spiced Milk 

Perfect for inducing sleepytime, this subtly spiced milk is a kiddo’s version of chai. Use any kind of milk your child likes (or isn’t allergic to).  

Snowflake Cocoa

A twist on traditional hot cocoa for the win. Turn up the heat if you’re pressed for time—just be sure not to scald the milk. 

Cranberry “Champagne”

A kid-friendly toast awaits with the sweet tang of cranberry juice and, of course, bubbles. 

Hot Lemonade 

Think of it like hot tea, but for kids, and perfect for warming up after a day in the snow. 

Shirley Temple 

Welp, I’ve saved the best for last—just two ingredients, and oh-so easy to spike for the adults. 

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