5 easy cookie recipes to keep the holiday season simple

This year I vowed to keep our holiday season simple. I’m happy to say so far it’s been stress-free! To keep things easy, I set clear expectations and did away with over-the-top traditions. To prep for the season, I made a list of recipes that I can execute without a lot of work.

If you’ve been assigned dessert at your work potluck or are in need of a recipe to bring to a party this weekend, look no further. Here are five easy recipes with minimal ingredients. They require a quick trip to the grocery store and less than an hour in the kitchen. After that, you’ll remain stress free and remember why they call this time “the most wonderful time of the year.

Cuppa, Cuppa, Cuppa Cookies

This family favorite includes only four ingredients and takes four steps to make. The best part? This recipe can be scaled up or down. I made these this week for both a holiday potluck at work and to give as teachers’ gifts. They were a hit and several people asked for the recipe. I would say that’s a success!

Hot Chocolate Cookies

If you’re looking for another recipe that involves minimal work with maximum payout, these Hot Chocolate Cookies are for you. One batch makes three and a half dozen cookies and these freeze perfectly. They are great to have on hand for last minute get togethers, chocolate cravings or a Winter Olympics viewing if they make it that long.

Gluten Free Almond Crescent Cookies

All the requirements for a healthy recipe are met with this easy Gluten Free Almond Crescent Cookies. With only six ingredients, one bowl and a twenty-minute bake time, you’ll be ready for party season with cookies you can feel good about indulging in.

Salted Caramel Pinwheel Cookies

When you’re ready to really indulge and burnt out on baking (pun intended), these Salted Caramel Pinwheel Cookies fit the bill. How pretty would these look out on a dessert table?

Cinnamon Ornaments

After all the school parties, family parties, work parties and more — your kids have had WAY too much sugar! Here’s a fun craft that will last for years to come. I made these with my two-year-old and we had so much fun. I’m sure they will make me tear up every year as we decorate the tree, proving that it’s not the holiday season until Mom cries. I can’t help myself! 

Follow along with my attempts to keep things simple this season and find out what makes me cry this year on Instagram. Here’s to an easy, stress-free holiday season!

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