4 no-fuss summer hairstyles for moms

Recently, I had a premonition: after suffering from headaches for a few weeks, it occurred to me that maybe the problem was the monstrously large “mom bun” I wore on top of my head way every time it gets above 75 degrees. My hair is thick, wavy and apparently, capable of causing severe neck strain. I knew right then it was time for a change. So I chopped several inches off, thinned it out and went in search of a few cute ways to style my shorter ‘do. If you, too, need to switch up your look, but still want to stay cool when it’s sweltering outside, look no further than these easy, (literally) headache-free summer styles. 

Effortless waves (via Byrdie)

Works best for: Short hair

Waves have been my go-to while adjusting to my shorter hair. Once you become accustomed to a curling iron, these are easy enough to achieve in around ten minutes and the waves instantly make you feel more put together. Trust me, you’ll be getting compliments galore. 


Start with your favorite heat protectant. Clip half your hair up. Curl sections of hair away from your face. Use a clamp-free curling wand with a one-inch barrel for shorter hair. Don’t curl your ends. For short hair, this means you only want to wrap each strand of hair about one and a half times around the iron. Hold each curl for a few seconds, then release. Be sure not to comb through your waves when they’re still hot! This will cause them to fall right away. After you release your curls, leave them alone until they cool.

Crown braid (via Twist Me Pretty)

Works best for: Mid-length to longer hair

I’ve been trying to achieve the perfect crown braid for years, and finally someone has simplified the process. This blogger has two crowd braid tutorials — one that’s a bit easier and another that is more complex, but seriously gorgeous. I could see this being an ideal wedding hairstyle this summer. 


It’s easiest to watch her video and see her braid firsthand. 

Volumized Ponytail (via Keiko Lynn)

Works best for: Short to medium length hair

I am trying this pony ASAP. Not only does this style keep your hair out of your face when it’s humid out, it also manages to make you look like you have it all together. (Spoiler alert: I usually don’t.) Oh, and the style works best on dirty hair, making it ideal for moms everywhere. 


Start with second day hair (preferably). Spritz your roots with dry shampoo. This soaks up the oils and adds some texture to your hair, which helps when adding volume. Tease (gently comb backward, toward instead of away from your scalp) your hair at the crown of your head. Smooth only the top layer of your hair with a comb. Pull up half of your hair, pushing up from the back to create even more volume. Criss-cross two bobby pins to secure (use more, if you need them). Tie up the remaining hair with an elastic. Gently loosen up the sides with your fingers.

60-second casual twist (via Paper & Stitch)

Works best for: Long hair

I’m down with anything I can accomplish in a minute or less on busy mornings. I’ll have to wait until my hair grows back out a bit before attempting this twist, but it seems like a super easy alternative to my neck breaking top knot. 


Start by pulling your hair back as if you were tying into a low ponytail. Loop your hair in towards itself, this motion is similar to starting to tie a not, except you are not completely tying it. Then start to roll your hair towards your head leaving the ends hanging out, creating an upside down french twist. Secure the top and bottom with bobby pins and finish with your favorite hairspray.

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