Go big or go home for your next girls’ night out

Getting together with the girls should happen often. Monthly, if possible, though I realize that is rarely the case. It’s good to maintain a social life outside of your life with kids, and nights out with the girls are like tune-ups for your own sanity. 

Still, even these few and far between nights out can become same-old, same-old; you space out thinking about the work week, you wonder if the kids got to bed OK, and you kick yourself for wearing the 19th outfit you tried on when the third was totally acceptable. 

Where’s the drama? The spark? The giggling whispers that made up the most memorable nights out in your college days? 

You are in need of an epic night out with the ladies. I’m talking one for the record books, one for the diary you’re meaning to start, and one worthy of your yearly profile picture overhaul. 

Here are five ways to ensure your next GNO will leave you texting your crew highlight reel memories for years to come. 

Start with the venue

I don’t know about you, but mundane bar seating leaves me feeling uninspired. For an epic night out, a beautiful venue is key. The “Rosé all day” neon sign at Hampton Social is on point, and so is the rest of the decor. The Flamingo Rum Club not only has a beautiful flamingo mural on the side of the building, but the decor inside is perfection. Cindy’s, the rooftop at the Chicago Athletic Center, has unobstructed views of Millennium Park, and I also have Apogee, the rooftop at The Dana Hotel, on my summer bucket list.

Pick an outfit theme

No, I’m not talking about a bachelorette LBD that you can’t breath in, accompanied by male member hats. I’m talking something fun that is a good conversation piece, and will unite the group everywhere you go. Pick a color theme (jewel tones, metallics, or (gasp!) a color that will compliment your destination, such as shades of pink for the Flamingo Rum Club), a genre (can’t beat an ‘80s MTV-inspired night), or when all else fails, unite in hair. Have a friend fishtail braids, or get real creative and build flower crowns while you pre-game. There’s also a Chicago based company that will help you build the perfect crown for your bad ass group of queen b’s. In the same way bachelorette themes unite a group, this is an exciting way to bond in preparation for your night out.

Play an ongoing game of Truth or Dare

You may think I’m going to recommend a drinking game. You’d be correct. But this is even better. An ongoing game of Truth or Dare will keep you giggling and entertained all. night. long. First, pick a word commonly used with your group. “Literally” works on almost every level. Each time it is used during the night, that person is in the hot seat for Truth or Dare. Truth: What’s the funniest thing you ever got busted doing — and where? Dare: Seek out the man in the skinniest jeans in the bar and ask him the brand (because you’d totally love to be twinsies!) 

Plan a group photo

Something that captures the theme of the night perfectly. ‘80s theme? You’ll all need to get your highest of high kicks, and boomerang ‘80s dance moves on camera. Human pyramids rarely fail (bahahaha!), and props from around the bar (hammocks, neon signs or specialty drinks in coconuts) can take the usual duck face group default photo to a level one only thought was possible in T. Swift’s music video for “Bad Blood.”

Relocate for dessert

The dessert at the restaurant might be tempting, but take your squad somewhere else to get a change of scenery. Relocate to grab unicorn milkshakes, banana splits for six or cookies as big as your head. Places like Margie’s Candies are open until midnight, so check the times before you head out for a sugar fix! This is a fun way to recap the night and plan your next epic girls’ night out.

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