Make patriotic candles to celebrate the Fourth of July

There can never be too much red, white and blue to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. These easy and inexpensive sand candles create a patriotic centerpiece for every Fourth of July picnic, barbecue and fireworks party.


  • Sand (red, white and blue)
  • Clear glass vase or jar
  • Drinking glass or smaller vase
  • Votive candle
  • Funnel
  • Optional: Tempura paint powder or colored chalk to dye sand


  1. Buy red, white and blue colored craft sand at your local craft store. Another option is to color plain sand with tempura paint powder or colored sidewalk chalk.
  2. Select a slender drinking glass or vase that will fit inside a larger clear glass vase or jar.
  3. Fill the drinking glass with sand almost to the rim of the glass. Place a votive candle just below the rim inside the glass.
  4. Place the drinking glass with the sand and candle centered inside the empty larger glass vase or jar.
  5. Using a funnel, slowly fill the gap between the two containers with layers of colored sand. Create patterns of your choice with a variety of red, white and blue patterns. Fill the outer gap to reach the height of the rim of the interior drinking glass.
  6. Place the candles on tables for your Fourth of July picnics and light the votive candle for festive flickering light.
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