5 great locations in Chicago for family photos

Chicago is a ridiculously photogenic city. (Yes, we’re biased, but it’s a fact.) Whether you’re hiring a professional, taking photos of the kids or just looking to entertain an Instagram-loving tween or teen, take advantage of our city’s beauty by using some of its iconic landmarks as backdrops for your family photos.

What could be better than capturing the smiles you love at the city scenes you love? Say cheese!

Millennium Park

There’s one photo opportunity after another in Millennium Park. Take advantage of all of them! One of our favorite spots is in the Lurie Garden where you can get a great combination of plantings and skyscrapers to frame your favorite people. And no, we don’t think it’s cheesy to do photos in front of the Bean even if you live here. For some funky shots, let your kids take photos of their reflections.

Montrose Harbor

If you’re trying to capture summer in Chicago, a family photo at Montrose Harbor with the boats on Lake Michigan and skyline in the background will do the trick. (If you’re lucky, you may get a sailboat in the shot.) You can also get some fun beach shots while you’re here, or use some of the grass and trees for a lovely background. It’s also gorgeous here in the fall when the leaves change color.

Lincoln Park Conservatory

We love that you get more than great views of the skyline in Lincoln Park. There’s also some wonderful plantings for greenery and the Conservatory itself is lovely both inside and out. (Not only is it free, it makes a good refuge in case of bad weather.) And a family trip to the zoo is a great way to end a photo session. (The promise of popcorn inside may generate some smiles, too!)

Chicago Theatre sign

Nothing proclaims your allegiance to our city like a photo in front of the nearly six story tall Chicago sign at the Chicago Theatre. Head to State Street but don’t get too close to the sign, or you’ll have a hard time fitting it all in.

Art Institute of Chicago

It feels like the Art Institute doesn’t get much photo cred, but a photo in front of the iconic lions along Michigan Avenue is never a bad choice, and the gardens around the building are lovely. We’re partial to the South Garden and the Taft Fountain. Again, if weather is an issue, you can duck inside to get some photos of your very own masterpieces with the artwork.

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