18 Free Online Workouts To Keep Your Family Energized

If you’re stuck at home, don’t feel like you have to sit on the couch all day. An exercise routine is what you need to keep you energized. Why not have the kids join in on the fitness fun too? Try these 15 free online workouts to get your whole family in shape.


BrettLarkinYoga: Stretch & Workout with Newborn

Length: 20 minutes

Here’s an easy, no-stress workout to keep your muscles moving every now and then. While you’re doing some yoga poses, you’ll can easily look down to see your adorable baby. Remember to complete the workout at your own pace — it’s OK to take breaks!

Mama and Baby Love: Postpartum Meditation

Length: 13 minutes

When you need a breather from parenthood, sit in a comfortable position and hit play on this video. Mama and Baby Love will help you relieve some stress with this soothing postpartum meditation. You can even listen to the meditation with your newborn on your chest.

Trainer LJ – Fit Mix Mom: Dance Cardio Workout

Length: 23 minutes

Who says you can’t have some fun while your baby is in the carrier? This cardio workout gives parents a chance to dance it out. We appreciate how the moves are done at a slower pace to help parents with newborns get back into a fitness routine.

BodyFit By Amy: Mommy and Me Full Workout

Length: 18 minutes

Work your whole body with your baby in your arms. This routine includes gentle exercises to ensure your baby is safe. With your little one moving around, you might even hear a few new giggles!

The Body Coach TV: Babywearing Workout

Length: 20 minutes

While this is designed as a postnatal workout, who says that a dad can’t participate while holding his baby? Feel free to adjust the routine to your body’s needs and more importantly, don’t feel pressured to go back into exercising if you’re not ready yet.

BodyFit by Amy: Stroller Workout

Length: 10 minutes

Take advantage of stroller walks by fitting in a quick workout. The best part? Your baby can stay in the stroller the whole time! Use the stroller to rock your child back and forth as you do squats, lunges and high knees. You can also leave the stroller on lock and do all these movements on your own.

Toddlers & Early Elementary

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Length: Varies by video

Jamie makes yoga exciting for kids by mixing workouts with their favorites stories like Frozen and Stars Wars. The YouTube channel is filled with so many family exercises that you can easily fit the videos in your daily routine.

Kidz Bop

Length: Varies by video

If you listen to Kidz Bop at home, then your kids will love nothing more than to learn how to dance to these songs, too. Follow along to these Dance Along videos as the Kidz Bop crew shows you moves for songs like Old Town RoadWhoomp! There It Is (hello, ’90s!) and more.

PopSugar Fitness: Family Cardio

Length: 13 minutes

The whole family will be sweating after following this energetic workout. Workouts include single leg balance, jumping jacks, roll-ups and more. If you want to get creative, make it a family workout challenge to win prizes!

Moe Jones: Kids HIIT Workout

Length: 30 minutes

If you’re looking for a longer workout, here’s one that will help the entire family build strength and endurance. This video is a great introduction to teach your kids certain exercise moves. There’s even a timer to help you stay focused in each circuit.

Sleep Meditation for Kids

Length: Varies by video

During stressful times, it’s important to teach kids the importance of expressing their feelings. You can all tune in to these creative meditation and sleep stories that will let everyone take a few deep breaths.

Up to the Beat Fit: Disney Workout

Length: 20 minutes

Does your family love Disney? You can all sing along to High School Musical and Aladdin while breaking out a sweat. We couldn’t think of a better way to work out together.

Tweens & Teens

PopSugar Fitness: Hip-Hop Fit Workout

Length: 30 minutes

You’ll enjoy dancing to these beats so much that you won’t even notice that you’re getting fit as the same time. Don’t miss PopSugar Fitness’s other dance workouts like Latin dance and throwback dances.

Yoga With Adriene: Yoga For Teens

Length: 20 minutes

Parents can join in on this yoga workout aimed for teens. Adriene guides you through the video to help you work on balance, strength, confidence and self-love. Her YouTube channel also has 30 Days of Yoga series if you really want to bond with your tween or teen.

FIT by Larie: Total Body Barre Workout

Length: 1 hour

For families who have a little more time on their hands, give barre a try. All you need is a chair for a barre and you’ll feel like you’re in a ballet class. Browse through FIT by Laurie’s barre workout playlist to find other videos ranging from 8 to 60 minutes.

Nathan Loy: CrossFit Workout For Beginners

Length: 10 minutes

For your older kids missing the gym, here is a CrossFit-style workout they can do at home without equipment. You can tag along to motivate each other. Not challenging enough? Follow Nathan Loy’s CrossFit weekly schedule with multiple videos to play each day.

FitnessBlender: Intense Core Workout

Length: 30 minutes

Focus on your core (abdominal, obliques and lower back muscles) with Fitness Blender. You don’t need weights to complete this workout! But, you can get creative at home by using soup cans or water bottles.

MadFit: TikTok Dance Party

Length: 15 minutes

If your older kids can’t stop scrolling on TikTok, turn their social app obsession into a family workout. This video series takes trending songs on TikTok and turns them to full body exercises. Plus, you’ll be ready the next time your kids ask you to film a TikTok with them.

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This story originally published April 15, 2020. It has been updated with the most recent information.

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