Fairy Garden Teaches Sustainability & Beauty in West Woodlawn

Though HelloBaby is waiting out the coronavirus before reopening its doors as a drop-in play space, the staff has been hard at work with the upkeep of its neighboring Fairy Garden. 

The Fairy Garden is located at 61st Street and St. Lawrence Avenue in the West Woodlawn neighborhood with the help of Blacks in Green, We Events, Amanda Freeman Photography and HelloBaby. Children at the drop-in space were so enamored with the fairies and their homes that the collaboration began planning to reinstall the fairies this summer. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic slowed progress, but didn’t stop it, says Debbie Frisch, founder and executive director of HelloBaby. 

“Last year we had a crafting for a cause event and the proceeds from those tickets went to cover supplies,” Frisch says. “This year we couldn’t do a gathering, but we had some DIY kits that sold out in 32 hours.” 

The fairy houses in the garden are painted to represent houses throughout the world, honoring African, European, Central American and Asian traditions. 

Children and their families can check out the garden this summer, taking pictures among the flowers and fairies. 

Last summer, Frisch says that she would announce to the children at HelloBaby when the “fairies had stopped by” the night before and left presents like bubbles or PlayDoh in the garden. 

The “fairy drop-offs” will continue this summer from the door of HelloBaby across the street from the garden. 

The garden is part of Blacks in Green’s goal of sustainability in urban areas. The lot had been tended by BIG, which helped plant flowers to create the Fairy Garden atmosphere. 

We Events and Amanda Freeman Photography worked to redesign last year’s fairy homes into this year’s theme. 

“I think we need to take care of nature,” Frisch says, “and to raise sustainable children that grow into sustainable adults. Let them appreciate nature.” 

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