Explore the world at Chicago’s first intercultural festival

Ukrainian Village. Little Vietnam. Greektown. You don’t need to look much further than our neighborhood names to figure out that Chicago is a city defined by diversity. But this melting pot doesn’t want any barriers to come between our multicultural communities.

That’s where Inherit Chicago comes in, a month-long celebration of all the cultures that make Chicago Chicago.

The festival kicks off with World Dumpling Fest on Oct. 7, which highlights all the ways the tasty morsel can be cooked (we’ll give you a second to wipe away that drool). Chefs from some of our city’s most famed restaurants will whip up their takes on the staple, from pierogis to samosas and everything in between. And to keep from eating enough dumplings that you actually become one, you can enjoy cultural performances and art from around the world.

Following the fest, more than 30 cultural centers and heritage museums will come together with a smorgasbord of family-friendly activities, including celebrating girl power in Indian and Greek mythology, learning about the legendary figures of different nations, and exploring the importance of masks in Southeast Asian cultures. But everything on the docket is considered all-ages, so you won’t find anything that’s not appropriate for your brood.

Inherit Chicago is meant to lead to a greater appreciation for all the cultures that make Chicago great–and to create a more loving, inclusive city for our children’s future. And that’s something we can all get behind, no matter which neighborhood (or motherland) we call home.

If you go

Inherit Chicago

Oct. 1-29

Various locations in Chicago, Evanston, Mount Prospect and Schaumburg


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