How to throw an Oscars party for kids

Every year you put on your comfiest slippers, pop some popcorn and veg out for 12 hours watching as much Oscars coverage as possible. What did Emma Stone eat for breakfast? I HAVE to know. And how does Octavia Spencer get that dewy glow? Please tell me someone will inquire about her moisturizer!

The Oscars is as magical as it is informative. Now that you have kids in the picture, you need to teach them the importance of being a supporter of the arts, as well. Our kids are nothing if not well rounded, am I right?

Furthermore, you rarely hear so many people thanking their moms this much in one night. If this is not reason alone to make it a mandatory family tradition in your home, I don’t know what it will take.

The Oscars air on Sunday, Feb. 26 this year. Here are five ways to ensure you are bringing your children up to love Ryan Gosling … Ahem, I mean love talented artists, as much as you do.

DIY placemat

The kids can make their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, also known as your dining room table. Construction paper, glue and scissors are really all you will need. If you have paint the kids can paint their hands like this, but I am going to trace my kids’ hands on paper and cut them out to avoid the mess.

DIY microphones for Oscar interviews

Have kids make up their own questions for their favorite movie stars and get your camera’s video ready. “Moana, what designer made your outfit in your movie?” “Would a bunny and a fox be able to work together IRL like in ‘Zootopia’?”

Make Oscars out of dolls

Try Kens, Barbies, Iron Man or old Power Rangers. Spray with gold paint and mount them (if you have time). Ask the kids to prepare their acceptance speech and film them. Go to for a fill-in-the-blank acceptance speech template.

Get the popcorn ready

A popcorn parfait station would be a super cute idea. Have your kids make Puppy Chow in advance, set out different bowls of M&M’s, pretzels, cheese puffs, Cheerios and any other snacks you bought in Costco-sized bins a month ago, and let the kids personalize their popcorn bucket. Cute printables for popcorn buckets can be found online. I liked the ones from

Make holly-weenie tuxedos

You don’t need to cough up for catering to make the littlest stars in your home happy. Make their favorites extra festive by dressing them in a suit worthy for an Oscar … Or a weenie. Better Home & Gardens has a good sample to go off of.

Thanks for reading! If you and your little ones do any of these projects please tag us at @ChicagoMomGoesSuburban and @ChicagoParent!

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