12 magical characters you’ll see at Chicago Parent Spring Playdate

Our Spring Playdate right is around the corner and we’re so excited for our big Character Bash! You can expect to see all your favorite characters on April 28 at Athletico Center in Northbrook. Thank you to Royal Princess Parties and Happy Kids Chicago for providing us the following characters. And don’t forget to get your advance tickets!

*NOTE: Characters will mostly be available all day unless specific times are noted beside the character’s name. 


Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is known for her magical ice powers and who knows, she might have unleashed the recent polar vortex in Chicago … the cold never bothered her anyway!


Ice Princess

As the Snow Queen’s sister, the Ice Princess is sure to melt a few hearts with her giggly and bright personality at our Spring Playdate.


American Hero

Meet your favorite superhero, American Hero, a real patriot with a powerful shield! He’ll teach you the best values (and moves) to keep the bad guys out of town.


American Wonder

Chicago kids have a lot to learn from this skilled warrior! American Wonder uses her magical golden lasso and bracelets to fight for justice.


Galaxy Scavenger

Here’s a survivor from a galaxy far, far away. She’s up against dark forces, but that doesn’t stop her to fight back!


Galaxy Master

Train from the best! The Galaxy Master is skilled to fight against his enemies with his mind. Kids might even learn a few moves from him if they want to be a master too.


Way Finder

The Way Finder is always ready to set sail for an adventure, especially when it comes to helping her village. Learn all about her quest through water and how the ocean is her friend.



Here’s a storybook princess that we all love because is strong and free-spirited. She loves magic carpet rides and she dreams to see a whole new world.


Frog Princess

Here’s a hardworking individual who has big dreams. Not only does she make the best beignets, but she also has an interesting story where she ends up kissing a frog who’s a prince.


Peppa Pig (11 a.m.-1 p.m.)

Everyone’s favorite pig will be joining us at our Spring Playdate! Peppa Pig comes from across the pond and she’s a big hit with preschoolers. Maybe you can practice your British accent with her as well.


Baby Shark (11 a.m.-1 p.m.)

Your kids will freak when they see this lovable sea creature at our event. There’s no denying that you’ve heard the song a million times by now … but imagine dancing along with the actual Baby Shark!


Mickey (11 a.m.-1 p.m.)

Who doesn’t love Mickey?! The popular mouse will be there to greet the family, so get ready for a photo op and lots of hugs!



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