Easy mom style swaps perfect for school dropoff

The easy breezy trends that held us captive throughout our 20s, our youth giving permission to pick form over function, now create quite the minefield as we have transitioned to parenthood. Low rise jeans were replaced by leggings for ease of tummy time encouragement, stilettos were swapped for sneakers for running after an errant toddler.

Still, you can “mom swap” your wardrobe without watering down your style.

Remember, however you choose to dress, make sure it represents your personal style and comfort while putting a smile on your face!


Criss-cross applesauce is the ultimate downfall of all denim. When you join your little for circle time at that mommy and me class, you see more cracks than a Midwest road in the spring. Are you still wearing the same denim style that you did when you were hitting the bars in Wrigleyville post-game? Time to reconsider.

Thankfully, there are so many mid-to-high rise styles that flatter your figure instead of merely camouflaging the love handles many of us gained from housing humans.

The mom swap? High-rise denim that fits in the correct places, with the right amount of stretch and recovery. The button should sit at or up to 2 inches above your belly button.

Since many of us aren’t an off-the-rack perfect size, alterations can help with fit. ZipFit Denim, a Chicago company, is a one-stop fix: they take your measurements, search through thousands of options across top brands and find the few that fit your body best, then provide free alterations.

I also love NYDJ denim, which caters to a diverse variety of ages, sizes and shapes. All styles have a crisscross panel inside that flattens and flatters. zipfitdenim.com; nydj.com


Are you as big of fan of those $5 Old Navy flip flops as I am? Each summer I buy multiple pairs and have noticed as the years flip by that they aren’t doing my back or knees any favors. Same with spindly stilettos—after an hour I am crying like a kid whose ice cream cone did a nose dive on the sidewalk.

I finally invested in a pair of sandals from the *ahem* comfort section, and I tossed those $5 pieces of plastic in the trash. Yes, they cost significantly more, but I promise they will last more than one season.

My favorite brand is Vionic; they make a wide range of sandals, wedges, heels, boots and sneakers that are actually designed by a podiatrist and still look stylish. Plus, they offer you 30 days to wear their shoes and love them, or receive a full refund. vionicshoes.com


I guarantee, your boobs aren’t the same as they were pre-baby and your bra size and style most likely needs a change. Remember those racy lacy numbers you used to wear that provided zero support but looked sooo sexy? You need a mom swap.

First, get fitted at a proper lingerie shop such as Chantilly Lace in Wilmette (ask for Bella). Next, find a style that still has sex appeal but also shapes and supports (bring your favorite T-shirt as a test.) c-lace.com

This article originally appeared in the August issue of Chicago Parent. Read the rest of the issue

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