Celebrate the Fourth of July with a POP

If you are looking to celebrate the holiday without the fireworks, these confetti launchers are perfect for the younger set. They are a cheap, easy and fun way to still enjoy the Fourth with a bang.


  • Toilet paper tubes
  • 12-inch balloons
  • Decorative paper
  • Tape
  • Red, white and blue paper
  • Scissors


  1. Make your own confetti by cutting red, white and blue paper into small-sized squares. Set aside.
  2. Using festive paper and tape, decorate the toilet paper tubes as desired. Wrap the paper tightly around the tube and secure with tape.
  3. Cut a balloon in half. Discard the round end and keep the tie end. Tie the end of the balloon into a knot.
  4. Wrap the open end of the knotted balloon over one end of the tube and secure it with tape. Keep the balloon as taut as possible without distorting the shape of the tube.
  5. Once you are ready to celebrate, fill your tubes with a small handful of confetti. Pull the tied end of the balloon back and let go to see your popper pop!
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