Blue Apron adds Chicago-centric recipes for one week

Blue Apron is known for delivering dinner recipes to the doors of families from coast to coast. For two months the company is introducing its “Best of the U.S.” recipes, with Chicago one of those stops on the trip. 

Starting in Philadelphia and traversing the country to San Francisco, two chefs from Blue Apron’s test kitchen are finding culinary masterpieces that appeal to foodies in major cities. 

The trip hits Chicago the week of April 15-21, so Blue Apron customers can try the Chicago-inspired Italian Beef Sandwiches and Deep-Dish Style Cheese Pizza (the pizza is a vegetarian recipe). 

Chicago Parent’s Managing Editor Hillary Bird will be making the Chicago recipes for her family, and Blue Apron helps readers cook along with her with a $60 coupon code. Readers wanting to try with their own families have the choice to have meals delivered any day from Wednesday-Saturday. 

The Blue Apron website says it picked the Italian Beef Sandwiches because, “We’re paying homage to one of the city’s comfort food favorites by filling warm, toasted rolls with thin slices of beef and a mix of sweet and spicy peppers—perfect for dipping in a classic-style au jus made from worcestershire and rich demi-glace.”

For the pizza, the testers said they know, “the love of pizza runs ‘deep’! We’re making an easy spin on the city’s classic pizza simply by baking it in an oven-safe skillet, which helps hold in the rich layers of sauce and melty mozzarella cheese.” 

Follow Chicago Parent and Hillary Bird on Instagram and as the recipes are tried and taste-tested by her husband – a Chicago native – and toddler picky eaters. 

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