6 family movies and shows streaming this November

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays will soon be here. If you plan on having family in town this November, here are some great options for a kid-friendly binge watch.

“The Addams Family” – Hulu, Nov. 1

Not ready to say goodbye to Halloween just yet? The creepy, kooky Addams family has got you covered. Tweens and teens will enjoy the twisted humor in this film version of the classic tv series and parents will get all the nostalgic 90s feels. “The Addams Family” also gives parents this important reminder: your children may drive you crazy sometimes, but at least they don’t have Wednesday Addams’ attitude.

“Beat Bugs” Season 3 – Netflix, Nov. 9

Five bugs (a beetle, cricket, slug, fruit fly and ladybug) learn lessons about life, love and friendship with help from the music of the Beatles in this cute Netflix original. Season three will feature beloved hits like “Let it Be,” “Hey, Jude” and “Yesterday” as part of the storyline.

“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”Netflix, Nov. 16

This modern take on the 1985 animated adventure series tells the story of Adora, an orphan teenager who magically transforms into She-Ra after stumbling upon a magic sword. Her first order of business after becoming a Princess of Power? Joining forces with other magical princesses to get revenge against the evil man who raised her. Girl power!

“Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny S1a”Amazon Prime, Nov. 16

Fans of Po the panda will love this new tv series, which takes place after the “Kung Fu Panda 3” movie. This time around, Po and his sidekicks must help four panda kids who accidentally end up with the Kung Fu powers of ancient warriors. Families can expect plenty of the same silly hijinks we’ve come to know and love from the series as Master Po takes on his most difficult teaching gig yet.

“Pete the Cat: A Very Groovy Christmas”Amazon Prime, Nov. 20

Pete the Cat is the star of a book called the “12 Groovy Days of Christmas” that I think we can safely assume this Christmas special will be based on. As usual, Pete will bring his signature hip cat attitude to this adventure- along with his friends Grumpy Toad, Callie Cat, Sally Squirrel, Emma the Pug and Gustavo the Platypus.

“Creative Galaxy: Arty’s Holiday Masterpiece” – Amazon Prime, Nov. 20

If your kids haven’t watched “Creative Galaxy” yet, now is the time. Alien Arty and his pal Epiphany solve problems with art and imagination, plus each episode features easy projects that preschoolers can try at home. This special holiday episode is sure to feature plenty of seasonal artwork and fun.

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